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Coletividad is about

1. Accelerate Human Knowledge

2. Information Asymmetry

3. Create the World of Tomorrow

4. Opportunity

6. Coletividad (Collectivity; Shared; Crowd)

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This site (specifically) is about

Save your time and money searching and comparing Courses prices, ratings, and reviews, to find the best deals and offers.

Amazing content — original and curated.

Technology, Design, Science, Education, Art, Engineering.

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Coletividad is about all things Learn, Teach, and Create. Organize the World's Learning through Data, Technology, and Design. Create a New Educational System.

Visual Identity

We have an Award winning Brand & Visual Identify done by DAÓ Studio ( Awarded in the 2019 Latin American Design Award in the Branding category.

Read about our Visual Identity.

Brief History

I’m Julio Fontes, the Creator of Coletividad.
It’s been 10 years of inventing, innovating, and creating Systems, Businesses, and Products in the field of Technology and Design Education.
→ Wrote, edited, curated, managed — hundreds of stories (with millions of views) and content creators, writers, and editors.


→ Directed, marketed, sold, produced hundreds of highly successful international and local events, meetups, courses, workshops, and lectures.


→ Created the concept of Colearning Spaces


n event/courses/meetups scraper and aggregator.


→ Created a system to locate and used vacant/cheap spaces to our Courses and Events.


→ Acquired Visitei. To allow — primarily students — to visit startups, companies, and studios to see, first-hand, the routines of Professionals, Teams, Leaders and Companies on their desired fields and future careers.


→ Built (4x now).


→ Helped dozens of companies.

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Curso MotionDesign 2x1 1 | About | Coletividad
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Curso StorytellingETransmidia 2x1 1 | About | Coletividad

A New Global Educational System and the Future of Education

Thats my long-term vision.

1. An end-to-end Platform and E-commerce

2. Data! Compare prices, reviews, and ratings of all things Education

3. Geo-aware — all opportunities and experiences around you

4. Personal Assistant

5. Turn every space into a classroom

6. Where users can own a part of the services & networks they contribute to

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I’m obsessed with (complex) Systems and Information Asymmetry.


I envision an infrastructure that greatly expands access, and promotes high value. One that shows behind the curtains and allows people to make better choices to learn, teach and create — cheaper, faster, and better.


Through data — create context between resources and make it detailed, sortable, comparable, and measurable with a robust feedback loop. To maximize possibilities with clear, accessible, useful, reliable, up-to-date, customized learning paths.


To answer your questions: “Is this course worth it?” “This school is trustworthy?” “Is this a good Bootcamp?” “Can I get a job after this?”


How can we easily search, and compare more than 2000 sneakers or clothes, filter them by color, by fabric, by brand, by size, etc…

But we don’t get anything in Education?


A distributed system with local communities, support networks, and geographical awareness. For anyone to Learn, to Teach, and to Create — wherever you are, whatever you want, when you want, with whoever you want.


To Accelerate Human Knowledge.
To Create the World of Tomorrow.


Thanks to ours 2014 crowdfunding backers

Thais Aguiar Zeller, Guilherme Vaz, João Antonio da Silva Neto, Ery Higa, Camila Brandão, Felipe Soares, Luis Fernando Guggenberger, Divinas Tetas, Camila Haddad, Carlos Scheliga, Jonatas Cesar, Larissa Fernandes, Dannyel Pontes, Nathalia Rocha, Nayara Vispo, Elisângela Rosângela, Daiane Miranda, Carolina Nascimento Rodrigues, Márcia Alves, José Ferreira Chaves, Di Giandomenico, Jose Ferreira da Silva, Silvio Nascimento, Rachel Lima, Victor Leite, Elizabeth Yaegashi, Fernanda Vaz, Carol Chikitani, Thomas Costa Queiroz, Bebe Castanheira, Any Vasquez, Acauan Iaizzo Longatti, Lucas Barboza de Oliveira, Thayane Carvalho, Bruno Cambi Guimarães Barros, Jaqueline Gimenes, Dannyel Pontes, Fabio Iori, Anthony Ravoni, Carlos Castro, Thiago Maia, Fabio Torquato, Carol T. Moré, “Kenny” Jonas Zuanazzi, Gabriele Do Rosário, Paula Ugalde, Luiza Di Beo Oliveira, Camila Paoletti, Gracinda Rodrigues, Virginia Roedel, Giovani Castelucci, Etutores Brasil, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Marilda Teixeira Scheliga, Itciar Cunha, Filipe Leuch Bonfim, Leticia Sampaio, Yasmim Moreira Martins, Ricardo Filho, Marco Aurélio Piai, Débora Gomes, Adrian Willer, Aline Masaracchia, Priscila Ornelas, Guilherme Talarico, Aline Kelly, Victor Belloti Lopes da Silva, Raquel Casciato, Elaine Teles, Rosemeire da Silva Chaves, Guilherme Webster, Patricia Valera, Bruna de Lourdes Nascimento Rodrigues, José de Araujo, Diógenes Magno Laube, Jorge Luiz Rubio, Francisco Arrais da Silva, Guilherme Mateus Magalhães, Kassio Alves e other anonymous.


Special thank’s to

Rose, Rubens, Renata, Felipe, Luiza, Jacqueline, Marcos e Ana. Muito obrigado Daniela Castro, Giovani Castelucci, Thiago ‘Barba’ Machado, William Kurosawa, Raquel Casciato, Luan de Almeida, Samantha Oda, Patricia Meneses, Estevão Rizzo, Lucas Coelho, Carlos Scheliga, Leonardo Cordeiro, Juan Bernabó, Carla De Bona, Eduardo Matos, Fernanda Carvalho, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Ana Paula Santos, Silvia Coelho.


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