Do you want to help in the Education of millions of people? You can.

Project AVA is about making you a Global (Informal) Mentor.
To help people avoid the same mistakes that you did.
It’s an Asynchronous Interview.
A deep-dive about you, your field, and your role.
Our research to create (and train an Artificial Intelligence-based) Educational Personal Virtual Assistant.
Project AVA is about you being part of the solution.
To help in your personal and professional development.
The Future of Education.

Our focus

Why participate

  1. Help millions of people Worldwide.
  2. Be among an amazing Global roster.
  3. Be part of creating a Global Curriculum.


You can mentor people to avoid the same mistakes that you did while helping to create context. A structured, clear, accessible, and searchable Design, Innovation, Technology, and Business Learning Paths.

3 ways we are going to use it this data

Your answers will create a readable interview-like article that will be regularly shared through our social media and channels.

All cited referenced podcasts, videos, articles, schools, courses, schools, mentors, etc… can potentially turn into a listing  —  organized, searchable, and more accessible.

We want to create an train an Artificial Intelligence-based Educational Personal Virtual Assistant to act as your personal mentor in the future, to help with your choices, and with your personal and professional growth.


Project Ava Info Full 2 | AVA | Coletividad

By isolating each one of your answers and combining with thousands of others collective responses, we can create a “Wisdom of Crowds” effect, and generate measurable, rich insights.

By crossing these rich specific insights with other data sources, we can generate competency maps, and contextualized learning pathways for each one.

Crowdsourced Curriculum Skill Tree

How to answer it

  1. The questions are structured in 4 parts: Personal Info; About you; Industry/Field-specific; Role-specific
  2. At this moment, you can write in: English, Portuguese, Spanish, or French.
  3. Be truthful and detailed as possible. That will significantly increase the results.
  4. This is a long-form (40+ questions) that cannot be saved for later. Please reserve some time to answer it (or write elsewhere them copy-paste in).
  5. Please use readable formal language (because of Accessibility and Screen Readers).

Let's change the world

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