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Achieving cloud maturity with Terraform and dynamic GitOps

November 30, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300

1024x576 TWsflQ.tmp | Achieving cloud maturity with Terraform and dynamic GitOps | Coletividad

Many teams want to start their platforming journey by moving to a GitOps workflow. The standardization and automation that are core traits of any GitOps workflow could be the first step towards more consistency, maturity, and determining what a sound Internal Developer Platform (IDP) even looks like.

However, an underestimated factor that delays many of those journeys, as the development teams cannot capitalize on those traits, is the interface. Without changing their input the rest of the new process has to deal with its static nature, which implies that consistency is lacking in ownership and segregation of work.

Dynamic GitOps to the rescue! This workflow will align the participants, drive clear ownership, and allow for standardization with every deployment and trough to help achieve the next level of cloud maturity.

During this webinar, Clemens will dive into:

* The difference between static and dynamic GitOps
* How to utilize the advantages of dynamic GitOps with Terraform
* How to set up a reference architecture IDP including ArgoCD as a deployment subsystem, and achieve a dynamic GitOps flow end-to-end with it

After a 30-minute talk, there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance.
A webinar recording and related materials will be shared with all attendees after the event.
Speaker: **Clemens Jütte**
**Platform Architect at Humanitec**
Clemens is a technologist at heart who has a passion for delivering tangible outcomes, while finding the right architecture and modernising his customers’ application landscapes. He has 22+ years’ experience of educating teams and developing solutions to meet transformational outcomes at companies like VMware, Pivotal and Microsoft.


November 30, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300


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