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Decentralized Identity: Connecting Besu, Cardano, AnonCreds, Cheqd, OIDC4VC, AFJ

February 8 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300

1024x576 XQkS1Q.tmp | Decentralized Identity: Connecting Besu, Cardano, AnonCreds, Cheqd, OIDC4VC, AFJ | Coletividad

This is an in depth technical workshop focused on decentralized identity and interoperability. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome to join.

The Hyperledger implementation of self-sovereign identity (SSI) is traditionally associated with CL AnonCreds verifiable credential format, Aries exchange protocols based on DIDComm and an Indy ledger as a verifiable data registry (VDR). These are mature technologies used in production systems. Indy and CL AnonCreds played a key role in shaping self-sovereign identity before the establishment of various other SSI standards and specifications.

Nowadays such specifications as W3C VC, OpenID for Verifiable Credentials (OIDC4VC), SD-JWT and others gain increasing attention due to plans for adoption by European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework, NIST, DHS etc. Moreover, although Indy Ledger is a great and proven VDR option for permissioned cases, nowadays permissionless proof-of-stake ledgers can be a reasonable alternative, as well as other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) from the Hyperledger family.

The main goal of the workshop is to invalidate a misconception that Hyperledger Aries SSI projects can only work with CL AnonCreds, DIDComm and Indy Ledger. We are going to prove a possibility to apply Agent Framework JavaScript (AFJ) for issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials in W3C format, usage of OIDC4VC for credentials exchange, and leveraging external permissionless ledgers as a VDR. Moreover, we are going to show a synergy between two graduated Hyperledger projects: Aries and Besu. It will be done by means of a new Indy Ledger 2.0 proof-of-concept initiative based on Hyperledger Besu.


February 8
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300


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