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Navigating the Future of Entrepreneurship: From 0 to 1 in AI-native Startups

November 16, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm GMT-0300

1024x576 YGhyna.tmp | Navigating the Future of Entrepreneurship: From 0 to 1 in AI-native Startups | Coletividad

Are you interested in learning the emerging trends in Generative AI, and how you can leverage this technology to grow a business? On this live workshop, three experts on technology and startup growth will outline a well-rounded roadmap for success – including customer acquisition strategies that blend AI with sales and marketing, practical steps on building a product, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your startup game.

**>>> RSVP to this online event at [https://fi.co/startupwebinar/16955](https://fi.co/startupwebinar/16955)**

**Featured Speakers:**

* **[John Whaley](https://t.sidekickopen22.com/Ctc/DI+23284/cdK7F04/Jks2-6qcW69sMD-6lZ3lyW8GfZrV2DrDKlW8TjKPs3676N4W6qynGy8z-0V1W1qt1Fg2YjQ6nW603wXp5_DjJdW4mgVrp3PSbmmW3fN3rK8w5TKCW84TlwP2lC1XKN7NqpvfskFvvW8SmV1c7cTW2PW5rGCMH94cV5rN3BPpL4yL9kfW4JNSp15gF3kwW8Pcy9V6c4py7W3M9WMX7Bl6qhVwxSpL23_P2vW6ny0156MX1T-VZrRqh8yWxFkW3bnJ161W-T2wW1Gg9-X3-_TNLf8-n_5z04)** – John Whaley is SVP of Emerging Products at Prove. He was previously the Founder and CEO of UnifyID. He is a renowned expert in digital security with over 15 years of experience in the field. Prior to UnifyID, he was the Founder and CTO of Moka5, a desktop virtualization company. Before that, he worked at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center and Tokyo Research Lab on static program analysis and just-in-time compilation. He was also a Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science at Stanford University.
* **[Mona Li](https://t.sidekickopen22.com/Ctc/DI+23284/cdK7F04/Jks2-6qcW69sMD-6lZ3kTW8KsnXz23pSQCW3zzbWB5Tl5gmW713f3L2FMYDnW1h7bH-3Xrnj_N6PcBdZBsrgcW4PJfQP1LryV1W5SKWs94XHmVrW1L1N8M2y41_VW5yjGWW6GmscCW6gM6PJ5QS4ZrW6kfRFl1Crk06W9gZ8-_7vPM9kW1Lbrq_4TQZ-vW2lKQZd4lCx9JW3gr2457046-kW4Zrb8T8hZm6zW3Cjq799l7wsqW24tbly4w2y3fW6D6VxJ3YC8YQW1vKB5C6Y_R8Dds5KKR04)** – Mona Li is the Head of GTM Partnerships West Coast at HubSpot for Startups. In that role Mona leads and manages strategic partnerships with top-tier VCs, accelerators and corporates such as Sequoia, A16z, Lightspeed, Google, Stripe etc, driving startup growth and GTM strategies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Prior, Mona was the Executive Director at HYSTA (Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association), Co-Founder & CEO of HYSTA SVC (a cross-border investment platform with 500+ partners, 1,000+ investors and 30,000+ entrepreneurs in major global cities), and Head of Marketing & Partnerships at InnoSpring Silicon Valley.
* **[Will Smith](https://t.sidekickopen22.com/Ctc/DI+23284/cdK7F04/Jks2-6qcW69sMD-6lZ3kYW5CY6Nw6SLyNrW7b-F9w2C4V8KW5H8yB43fH-dSW3H9GZ45YWG25W4DqpL83RcGkmW4_gLDP57pGP7W2w_WNP1DXTm2W1Zmkwx34hZvNW2c_5sF5B1TB0W6NC9pq2NLpPXN5tMmSTZv7BgW2Sm-QD8H62QYW54NjcL34QBsxW6gLvB77y-w5sW4PP0mn4512NQW39wrQ86RtWQBW34JbvW5BBxPzN6tQ71TcZPNfW85x6lX5RKX4wW5yRCbk1-3p55f8sv1ST04)** – Will Smith is the Director of Growth at RevPartners, a RevOps consultancy that weaponizes your data to drive a predictable, repeatable revenue engine through a proven growth operations framework.

**What You’ll Learn:**

* **Gen AI Trends:** Discover emerging trends in Gen AI, understand how to leverage accessible AI models for innovative products, and gain insights into its impact on business growth.
* **Product Development & Customer Acquisition:** Get practical steps for building a startup’s first product and acquiring the first 10 customers.
* **Growth Strategies:** Explore successful GTM strategies that blend AI tech with effective sales and marketing. Understand how to balance AI development with growth execution.
* **Customer Personas & Engagement:** Learn how to define target customer personas using data-driven decisions and effective customer engagement practices

**This event is co-hosted by [HubSpot for Startups](https://hubs.la/Q01N5tRv0)**
HubSpot for Startups empowers startups to achieve unprecedented growth and accelerate scaling with a startup-friendly pricing plan of up to 90% off on essential tools needed to boost lead generation, supercharge sales, and streamline customer service. With the HubSpot Growth Platform, startups can leverage world-class software, cutting-edge educational resources, and powerful integrations to acquire and retain more customers than ever before. [Learn more about HubSpot for Startups here](https://hubs.la/Q01N5tRv0).

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**>>> RSVP to this online event at [https://fi.co/startupwebinar/16955](https://fi.co/startupwebinar/16955)**


November 16, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm GMT-0300


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