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WTF! Internal Developer Platform vs Internal Developer Portal vs PaaS

March 7 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300

1024x576 K1XcP6.tmp | WTF! Internal Developer Platform vs Internal Developer Portal vs PaaS | Coletividad

Confused about IDPs? We set the record straight on Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) vs internal developer portals vs PaaS, and what it means to ship one.

Luca and Josh will dissect the concept of abstraction layers and platforms, looking at how this applies to Internal Developer Platforms to enable developer self-service and reduce cognitive load. They’ll dive into the key capabilities of IDPs and their five planes (Developer Control, Integration and Delivery, Monitoring and Logging, Security, Resource). They will also discuss the role of platform orchestrators and portals, and how IDPs compare to PaaS offerings. Attendees will gain clear insights into these platform engineering elements and practical guidance for implementing effective IDPs – platforms and portals!

In the webinar, speakers will discuss:
* What is an Internal Developer Platform?
* What is an Internal Developer Portal?
* What is a PaaS?
* The easiest way to start building an enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform.

After a 30-minute talk there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance.
A webinar recording and related materials will be shared with all attendees after the event.

**Luca Galante, Product at Humanitec**
Luca routinely speaks to tens of engineering teams every month. He summarizes his learnings and takeaways from looking at hundreds of DevOps setups into crisp, insightful reads for everyone in the industry, from beginner-Ops to cloud experts.

**Josh Gavant, Sr. App Platform Solution Architect at Red Hat**
Experienced cloud platform architect, engineer and leader with deep knowledge of cloud services, cloud-native applications, and modern programming frameworks; and empathy for the humans and organizations who use them. Seeking opportunities to enable organizations to design, build, and run cloud-native platforms and applications.


March 7
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT-0300


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