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Business Architect

25 livros que valem um MBA

Imagem da capa por Juan Rumimpunu no Unsplash São livros úteis para pessoas atuando ...
Business Architect

Business Architecture “Moderno”: Um guia para startups

Foto da Capa por Marek Okon em Unsplash Uma série sobre Business Architecture ...

Mastering Innovation’s Toughest Trade-Offs

Dan Page/ Leaders must answer eight key questions to address the hidden ...

IPO Disclosures Are Ripe for Reform

Carlo Giambarresi/ Current financial disclosure rules let would-be public ...

Companies Are Hacking Their Way Around the Chip Shortage

The supply chain issues have no end in sight, so manufacturers are being forced to ...

7 Techniques for Building Reliable AI Models

This is an edited excerpt from Trustworthy AI: A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and ...

Lessons from The PayPal Mafia: The Power of Being Open-Minded and Contrarian

PayPal Mafia is the famous term for a group of former PayPal founders and early ...

Minecraft’s Code-Writing AI Points to the Future of Computers

Illustration: Iurii Vlasenko/Alamy Today, Microsoft’s AI can take control of ...

When to Hustle Around Obstacles vs Building Your Growth Foundations

Going too fast can be just as big a problem as going too slow Ever been blocked ...

Job-seekers prefer to work for more diverse companies

Diversity at work has become a bigger and bigger focus — and not just for employers. ...

35 Impactful Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Regularly

Ask any manager about how they spent their day, and they’ll probably immediately dig ...

Company Reviews on Glassdoor: Petty Complaints or Signs of Potential Misconduct?

Online reviews by employees can signal internal factors that raise the risk of scandal. ...

College Degrees: The Job Requirement Companies Seek, but Don't Really Need

Hiring platforms routinely screen out experienced candidates simply because they aren't ...

Why Companies Raise Their Prices: Because They Can

Markups on household items started climbing years before the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

Paul Graham: On Determination & Success, Hard Work, Wealth Creation, Startups, Programming and Art.

Paul Graham is a programmer, writer, and thinker, mostly known as the co-founder of Y ...
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