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Future of Work

The New Frontier of Prosthetics? Tech for Independent Living

For many, “prosthetics” means wheelchairs and hearing aids. Adults with cognitive ...

With Money From Facebook, 10 Colleges Turn Their Campuses into ‘Metaversities’

Is education moving to a “tri-brid” model that flows between in-person, online and ...
Bioimage Analysis

Methods and Tools for Bioimage Analysis

A core purpose of biological imaging data is the quantification of complex phenomena ...

Companies Are Hacking Their Way Around the Chip Shortage

The supply chain issues have no end in sight, so manufacturers are being forced to ...

What’s going on with self-driving cars right now? Here's what the major players are up to, even as one company experiences a ...
Product Management

Building Flexible Roadmaps with Microsoft Group PM

This week, Product School hosted Shyam Narayan, Principal Group Product Manager at ...

7 Techniques for Building Reliable AI Models

This is an edited excerpt from Trustworthy AI: A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and ...

Roadside objects can trick driverless cars An ordinary object on the side of the ...

The big new idea for making self-driving cars that can go anywhere

Jamiel Law The mainstream approach to driverless cars is slow and difficult. These ...

Lessons from The PayPal Mafia: The Power of Being Open-Minded and Contrarian

PayPal Mafia is the famous term for a group of former PayPal founders and early ...

Minecraft’s Code-Writing AI Points to the Future of Computers

Illustration: Iurii Vlasenko/Alamy Today, Microsoft’s AI can take control of ...

The dark secret behind those cute AI-generated animal images

Google Brain has revealed its own image-making AI, called Imagen. But don't expect to ...

Digital Technology Demands A New Political Philosophy

Elon Musk’s takeover bid for Twitter raises important questions about whether social ...

Undersea Cables Are the Latest Tools for Earthquake Detection

Photograph: ANDER GILLENEA/Getty Images Rumbles and tides create tiny, detectable ...

Building a culture of pioneering responsibly

How to ensure we benefit society with the most impactful technology being developed ...
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