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Product Management

Building Flexible Roadmaps with Microsoft Group PM

This week, Product School hosted Shyam Narayan, Principal Group Product Manager at ...

Cultivate Ruthless Prioritization with Meta Product Leader

Hello, Product People! Welcome to this AMA recap with Jyoti Bhatia, Meta Product Leader. ...
Data Science

A Survey of Causal Inference Applications at Netflix

At Netflix, we want to entertain the world through creating engaging content and helping ...
Product Management

The PM Skills You Need to Get Started with Mastercard Product Leader

This week, Product School hosted Malin Perera, Product Leader at Mastercard for a ...

From LEGO competitions to DeepMind's robotics lab

Akhil Raju, a software engineer on the robotics team. Today’s post is all about Akhil ...
Product Management

Asking Clarifying Questions with Expedia Product Leader

This week, Product School hosted Melissa Hutchins, Product Leader at Expedia, for a ...
Product Management

Breaking Down User Stories with American Express Senior Product Manager

This week, Product School hosted Nicole Munson, Senior Product Manager at American ...

Failing Forward — How We Grow from Incidents

This past year, a few of us who focus on the reliability of Spotify for Artists (S4A) ...
Product Management

Getting a Promotion in Product with Amazon Senior PM

This week, Product School hosted Suchit Ligade, Sr Product Manager at Amazon, ...
Product Management

Product Roadmaps & Customer Focus with Amazon Product Leader

This week, Product School hosted Ajay Swamy, Product Leader at Amazon, for a ...

Beyond the last message: Designing for all information in Slack

Slack is primarily designed for team communication in channels. Channels are where work ...

How Netflix Content Engineering makes a federated graph searchable

Over the past few years, Content Engineering at Netflix has been transitioning many of ...
Design Leadership

How to Nail Remote Onboarding and Influence People

Senior UX Writer, Nicole A. Michaelis, shares her experience of onboarding remotely as ...
User Experience

UX Writing at Spotify

In this post, Spotify UX Writers answer some of the most asked questions to land in their ...

23 Tactical Company Building Lessons, Learned From Scaling Stripe & Notion

Some startup operators have a clear lane, an easy-to-follow career progression. SDR to ...
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