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100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

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What you’ll learn

  • How the web works and how to get started as a web developer
  • Learn web development in 100 days (optional – you can also pick a different pace)
  • Build websites, web apps and web services (and understand what these “things” are)
  • Build frontend user interfaces with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Build backend processes with NodeJS, Express & SQL + NoSQL databases
  • Add advanced features like user authentication, file upload or database queries to websites

Join the most comprehensive web development bootcamp on Udemy!

This course will teach you web development and turn you into a web developer in 100 days – or allow you to refresh key essentials and expand your existing knowledge!

Becoming a web developer is a great choice because web development opens up many career paths and web development skills are required in pretty much every business that exists today – and of course this will only increase in the future!

It’s not just about websites – it’s also about “behind the scenes” services used by mobile apps like Uber or AirBnB. It’s about rich web apps like Google Docs as well as browser games. And of course also about regular websites like Facebook, online blogs, online shops like Amazon and much, much more!

Hence it’s no wonder, that web developers are in high demand! And, besides great job perspectives, as a web developer, you can of course also easily build your own digital business!

This Course Is For You!

This course will teach you web development from the ground up and thanks to the “100 Days Of Code Challenge” which is incorporated into this course (though it’s optional to commit to it!), you can become a web developer in 100 days with help of this course!

No prior web development knowledge is required at all to get started with this course. We will explore all important basics, all fundamentals and all key concepts together, step by step.

But this course is also for advanced students who already do have web development knowledge! It’s a deep-dive course and hence you will be able to expand your existing knowledge by diving deeper into key fundamentals like HTML, CSS or NodeJS and also by exploring advanced concepts like handling payments, building REST APIs or website security.

Since it’s a huge course, the course is built in a modular way. This means, that you can take it step by step, lecture by lecture but you can also jump right into the course sections that are most interesting to you. Of course, we recommend the “step-by-step” approach for beginners – simply because all the lectures and sections build up on each other. But as a more experienced developer, you can of course skip basics that aren’t interesting to you!

The 100 Days Of Code Challenge

We built this course with the “100 Days Of Code Challenge” in mind – a challenge (not invented by us) that aims to keep you motivated to code for at least 1 hour per day for 100 days.

Since this is a huge course (with around 80 hours of content!) it can be very overwhelming. And we know that many students never finish a course.

That’s a pitty, because this course is packed with content, exercises, quizzes, assignments and demo projects! We build a browser-game, a blog, a travel website, an online shop and much, much more.

Therefore, we provide clear guidance on how you can take this course from A to Z within 100 days by spending 1 to 2 hours per day watching videos and learning. As part of the course, you get access to a companion website that provides a clear structure and you also find annotations right in the course curriculum.

Of course taking this “100 Days” challenge is totally optional though! You can take the course at your own pace as well and skip any content you’re not interested in!

Try It Risk-Free

This course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you find out that it’s not for you, you can get your money back, no questions asked!

What You Will Learn

This is a huge course, packed with content and it’s the web development bootcamp we would have loved to have when we learned web development.

Here’s a summary of the key concepts we’ll explore as part of this course:

  • How the web works
  • Core technologies: HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Understand how HTML documents are structured and how HTML elements are used correctly
  • Learn core CSS concepts like the box model, flexbox, positioning, units and much more
  • Explore advanced CSS concepts like building responsive websites, layouts, custom CSS properties, CSS grid & more
  • Learn browser-side JavaScript from the ground up
  • Understand what the “DOM” is and how you can manipulate it via JavaScript
  • Explore browser / user events and how to handle them with JavaScript
  • Build tons of projects (e.g. a Tic-Tac-Toe browser game) to practice and fully understand all these technologies
  • Dive into backend development with NodeJS & ExpressJS
  • Learn what NodeJS is and how it works
  • Build basic backend-driven websites with advanced concepts like dynamic routing or dynamic templates
  • Learn how to work with databases – SQL & NoSQL (and what that is)
  • Practice how to use SQL / NoSQL with NodeJS & Express
  • Dive into advanced concepts like authentication, website security, coding patterns, file uploads, user input validation and so much more!
  • Again: Build plenty of projects (e.g. a complete online shop, from the ground up!) to practice all advanced concepts as well
  • Learn how to use third-party packages and services (e.g. Stripe for payments) in your websites
  • Move on to more specialized, advanced concepts like building REST APIs
  • Explore frontend JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js to build even more powerful web user interfaces
  • And so much more – simply check out the full curriculum to get a complete list!

We’d love to start this journey with you, so let’s get started!

Max & Manuel

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner & advanced web development students
  • Students who have absolutely no web development experience and want to become web developers
  • Experienced web developers who need a comprehensive reference or want to dive into more advanced topics as well as refresh the basics
  • All students that are interested in exploring the many course examples and exercises

12 reviews for 100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Josip Oužecky

    I am junior front-end developer and this course helped me to understand back-end even more and this course helped me in my full-time job.

    Thank you very much Max!

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  2. Ranjit Rao

    Excellent course. Comprehensive course covering from basics to advanced topics. At the end of the course insights into JS frameworks too covered. Overall a great course and a big thanks to the tutor.

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  3. Emre Arslan

    It was a great course from beginning to end as just I needed. Max and Manuel teach not only a specific framework or a language but also the concept of HTTP, and coding logic behind the scenes. I love the way that while Max is writing some coding he is telling why and how he is doing it, in a very patient mood. I only need to practice after all. Thank you all for your great effort.

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  4. Noa Ko

    As a web developer, the course extended my knowledge how to use EJS templating language and introduced me to Vue.js.
    The course also contains a great section about using Git and Github.
    During the course you code a lot, many projects are done – so you learn by doing – which is great 🙂
    I learned a lot. the course was great!

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  5. Łukasz Betka

    This course is wonderful! Fully explained many many topics. Throughout this course I learnt so much. I recommend it for every starting web developer, as it teaches you core concepts of web development.

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  6. Peltan Zsolt

    It was a good match for me. I started from zero and now I can build featured web pages, something a can never imagine before.
    I most loved nodejs and vue.
    The course was very comprehensive on html, css and js, however I expected more explications especially on express, nodejs and vue (where I needed to search also on web).
    Most importantly, I learned the very core concepts of web developing, hard to find on other places.

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  7. Rhenaldoaryap

    Very detailed explanation!

    Might be I’ll take a JavaScript course after this course to dive deep into JavaScript

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  8. Nina darbaidze

    This was a great course! Thank you, Max and Manu for this amazing work. I’m going to dive into your React JS course now!

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  9. Matthias Schmid-Kietreiber

    I started web development through angular and therefore always had the feeling I was missing some basics especially in the backend area.
    Through this course I finally have the feeling that I could fill large knowledge gaps and through this could and still can become an even better web developer.

    Of course some topics might seem a bit shallow if you are already working as a web developer and you might want some more in depth information but this course is after all a Bootcamp which gives you a solid foundation to investigate these topics on your own.

    Furthermore the one hour a day concept was also to my liking since even on unmotivated days I could motivate myself to do at leas one hour.

    Once again a fantastic course by Max and Manu which I can highly recommend!

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  10. Alex P.

    This course was a real challenge for me. I’ve learned a lot. Now my real web developer journey starts with new challenges: there are exciting projects where I could start to work on… A big thank you for this fantastic course!

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  11. Eva Shtraf

    Thank you, really good course!
    It provides a great overview of web-dev foundations, great even if you are an experienced programmer in other fields (i.e. data processing).
    A very comprehensive explanation of everything.
    After the course I still feel like it’s a lot to learn, which is not surprising: good web dev skills come after 3-4 big projects.
    However, it worths mentioning that Max went above and beyond to give as much context and explanation as possible, the matter of really listening and following along the tutorials.
    Thank you again and I will definitely take another course!

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  12. Børge Grasmo

    This is a well thought out and structured course and will give you a good foundation for working with web development! As the course instructors say themselves though, the learning never ends so there is still quite a lot to learn! But with this you can build things on your own, and with this foundation it is easier to explore new or more advanced concepts on your own. I know it certainly is for me!

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    100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp
    100 Days Of Code – 2022 Web Development Bootcamp


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