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Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand and Use the new Features and Concepts introduced with ES6
  • Get an Overview over the Language Additions and Changes
  • Confidently apply the new Syntax, new APIs and other new Features in Web Applications

Learn modern JavaScript!

Knowing modern JavaScript, ES6 (ECMAScript 6), is extremely important in the world of JavaScript! ES6 adds tons of new features, methods, objects and helpers and the earlier you feel confident using them, the better!

JavaScript is the most important programming language in the web and it’s constantly evolving. This course introduces you to the biggest “feature update” in the last couple of years: ES6 – which added a lot of new syntax features and improvements.

Get the “All-In-One” package today!

This course follows a hands-on, example-driven approach to show and explain all the important features added to JavaScript. This includes important syntax changes and additions like let, const, rest & spread operators and continues with Promises, the Reflect API, the Proxy API, Maps & Sets, tons of new methods and functions and much more!

At the end of the course, we’ll even build a complete project, using many of the new Features shown throughout the Course!

Benefit from my knowledge as both a freelance web developer and a top-rated instructor with many years of experience.

As a freelance web developer, using JavaScript is my day-to-day work and therefore I always found it annoying the ES6 Resources are scattered out all over the web. I created this Course to share my knowledge on ES6 with you!

I also love passing my knowledge to other people and my various, top-rated courses as well as my successful YouTube channel are the best proof of that.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have experience with “current-generation” JavaScript (ES5) and know the basics of the language
  • Students also taking my JavaScript Bootcamp course to have a nice follow-up on it
  • Everyone interested in the new Features and Additions, ES6 brings to JavaScript

12 reviews for Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Luis Lozano

    It gives you a good notion of what new things were introduced in ES6 but it’s missing some challenges to practice what you learn.
    Also, by the end, it should give more practical examples or a final project describing what the user should do, this to put all the knowledge from the course into practice and not just see some project done by the instructor.

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  2. Sinan Yüce

    As expected good. The missing half star is for the missing parts of the lecture in the cheat sheet. Especially on Maps and Sets it would have been cool for example

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  3. William Dobis

    Very clear explanations with examples. However, the part about Symbols was a bit unclear and needs more examples that relate to real-world scenerios. For the Iterations & Generators section, Iterator explanations are quite clear, but for generators, again, the lesson could use some real-world examples.

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  4. Aafreen Akhtari

    Good I learned many things through out this course. It just need to be more precise as I felt for some topics.

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  5. Denise Fallon

    I’ve been coding in (old) javascript and jQuery for many year, but recently took a job where they use nodejs. This class helped as much as the nodejs class to get me up to speed, but was much quicker to finish and understand. Thank you!

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  6. Ella Musina

    Easy to follow and all the good bits are provided first!

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  7. Mike Henke

    The (Fat) Arrow Functions explanation was the best I’ve seen covering the new way to write a function in ES6. I skipped over the promises and reflect/proxy api sections but the course as a whole is great.

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  8. Hernán Eduardo Amaya

    As usual Maximilian does a great job, showing ES6+ world.

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  9. Ghanshyam Kumar Jha

    Yes, I am trying to understand the key points behind each module and that explained well.

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  10. Saravanan A5

    Its really good. Explained all the concepts and features clearly.

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  11. Rajesh Kagitala

    Very well Max, you almost covered all advanced topics in ES6. Expecting a lot of courses from yourside.

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  12. Junrong Li

    It’s not so great as Max’s other courses. It lacks practical examples explaining the mentioned new features. Overall you can view it as an ES6 refresher course. But if you’re unfamiliar with ES6, This course is not your best choice.

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    Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training
    Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training


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