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Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course

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What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to earn more using these new Photoshop skills.
  • You will create multiple images for you to use in your Portfolio.
  • You will be able to add ‘Advanced Photoshop User’ to your CV.
  • You will create multiple social media graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest & Youtube.
  • You will know how to mask people with one click.
  • You will create a fruit juice poster.
  • You will replace ugly skies with new blue skies.
  • You will create an image by combining 3 different images.
  • You will create amazingly realistic shadows.
  • You will build animations ready for social media.
  • You will make blurry images – sharp & focused.
  • You will master advanced curves & levels.
  • You will retouch perfect skin.
  • You will change colors of a flower & dress.
  • You will make images larger without distorting them.
  • You will automatically generate more grass & sky in an image.
  • You will remove unwanted objects from a photograph
  • You will edit video in Photoshop.
  • You will bend text to fit into a heart shape.
  • You will tread a vine through text.
  • You will manipulate cartoon characters into lots of different positions.
  • You will add color to images to create trendy new images styles.
  • You will add dust & splatters to an image & text for a grunge effect.
  • Create photographs with Instagram effects.
  • You will create a double exposure using a woman & a mountain scape.
  • You will transform 3 images into realistic water color images.
  • Build 2 images that look like they have a pixel explosion & decaying effect.
  • You will create a flyer using new & exciting fonts.
  • You will discover unknown fonts from your images using Photoshop
  • You will create flourished text so your text looks elegant.
  • You will build multiple advertising banners.
  • You will create professional retouching projects.
  • You will remove a nose ring from a model.
  • You will remove acne from a model.
  • Enhance eyes in your photographs.
  • Whiten teeth
  • Remove unwanted lights from a photograph
  • Completely remove people & objects from 6 images.
  • Remove bags from underneath eyes.
  • Enlarge eyes.
  • Add a smile to a model.
  • You will add depth to static photographs by animating using parallax so they feel like a real 3D movie.
  • Create repeating looping videos for social media using cinemagraphs in Photoshop
  • Create 3D text of your name.
  • Build a 3D logo.
  • Build mockups of your images in real life situations like on: computer screens, posters on walls, in magazines, billboards, mobile phones.
  • You’ll learn the best selection and masking techniques
  • You’ll know how to fix images that look ‘hard to fix’
  • You’ll master advanced levels and curves tricks, specifically with skin, adjusting and enhancing colors
  • You’ll learn how to enlarge images without distortion and what to do when things go wrong
  • You’ll know how to convincingly remove all kinds of objects from images
  • My favourite: You’ll master the ability to distort, bend and reshape images
  • Lets look at how current trending styles are super easy to duplicate
  • You will become a type nerd. We’ll use font pairing in Typekit. We’ll also use Photoshop’s ability to guess fonts
  • Your Artboard skills will be mastered
  • A master of retouching, you will become!
  • We’ll also create awesome cinemagraphs, AKA: Moving pictures!
  • You’ll learn lots about professional, reusable mockups, techniques and shortcuts!

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Are you already good at Photoshop? Do you know there is more that you aren’t using? This course will take to you the top level of Photoshop.

Hi there, my name is  Dan and I am an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop  – this is the Advanced Photoshop course.

This course is not for people new to Photoshop. This is for people who already know the fundamentals. It is for people who have their own ways of doing things but believe there really is a better, faster way to work.

  • Cindy: “This is an amazing class with so many techniques to learn. The instructor is the best of best on my list and I have taken over 50 classes on Udemy! Thank you Mr. Scott – this class really raises my confidence level!!!!”

We will start by learning the best selection techniques available. I promise, by the end of the first section what took you 30mins to mask will now take you 30 seconds. You’ll learn the very best Photoshop retouching skills as well as how to master Photoshop for graphic design.

We will correct ‘hard to fix’ images and learn what to do with blurry images. We will master Advanced Levels & Curves tricks and will work specifically with skin, adjusting and enhancing colours.

You will learn how to enlarge images without distorting them and also, what to do when things go wrong.

  • Aurelien: “I feel I should elaborate a tiny bit on my 5 star rating for people still hesitating! This is hands down the best Training Course on Photoshop. I’ve always felt scared of learning and using Photoshop. Tried million times, failed just as much (but maybe blindly following some shady specific tutorials on YouTube was not the best method). But then I came across Daniel’s courses on Udemy. Natural, fun and intuitive are the keywords that first come to mind to describe his teaching method. The exercises are perfect, not too challenging (well it depends) but not simple either. Amazing. He shows the love for the product and the art and most of all doesn’t just scratch the surface. You’ll learn how to use Photoshop as a great tool to express your art, no matter what kind of artist you are. As an aspiring and self-taught graphic designer wanting to take the leap and become a professional, I’ve felt the need to get proper training for the tools I wish to use along my dream career, and Daniel’s teachings really motivate me to challenge myself and go forward! Daniel, thank you so much! Huge high five from my little town of France.”

We will learn how to convincingly remove all kinds of objects from images. My personal favourite section will show you how to distort, bend & reshape images.

We will look at how current trending visual styles are easily created, duotones, glitches and orange/teal colour grading.

We get ‘type nerdy’ and use font pairing in Typekit. We will use Photoshop to identify the fonts used in an image and learn how to work with hidden glyphs & ligatures as well as variable & open type fonts.

You will master artboards while you are learning how to make easily updatable multiple sized social media & ad banner graphics.

There is a big section on advanced retouching techniques, advanced healing, advanced cloning & patching.

You will learn how to edit videos in Photoshop. We will also animate static images creating parallax videos plus the very cool cinemagraphs sometimes called ‘living pictures’ – great for social media.

  • Petra: “I love this course. I am in graphic design program at UC Berkeley ex. and I have learned more here than in their photoshop class.”

You will learn to master 3D in photoshop. We will finish off the course with professional, reusable mockup techniques & shortcuts.

This course has a strong focus on workflow. We use real world, practical projects and show you the professional techniques and shortcuts which will save you hours using Photoshop. Throughout the course I have many class exercises for you to use in order to practice your skills.

Who am I? 

As well as being an Officially Certified Expert by Adobe, I’m photoshop guru and user with 18 years Photoshop experience. I make tutorial videos directly for Adobe and will again this year be presenting a seminar on  Photoshop at Adobe’s 20 thousand attendee strong Max Conference.

If you can’t remember the last time you sat down and went through the updates in Photoshop, let this course be your one stop professional development and upgrade path.

Even if you consider yourself a heavy user, I promise there will be things in here that will blow your Photoshop mind. Sign up now!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that has a base knowledge in Photoshop
  • Photographers, graphic designers, motion graphics artists, Illustrator users, and any creatives who want to an advanced understanding of Photoshop.
  • Anyone that has completed my Photoshop Essentials Course

12 reviews for Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course

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    I am really blessed to have a tutor like Dan . I purchased most of the course of him like Photoshop , Illustrator , premiere pro , XD . Everything Benefits me a lot . And particularly from this course Advanced Photoshop i learned a lot . now i am confident enough to work on it . Thank you to Dan

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  2. Anonymized User

    The course was awesome, I loved Dan’s teaching method. I came here from essentials course and I must say there were lot of advanced stuff here. One thing I would recommend is adding 1 or 2 videos on pen tool. Otherwise the course was perfect. Thanks Dan

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  3. Dion Hegarty

    Such an excellent course given by an instructor who has really taken the time to make it simple to follow and obviously cares about his students results. I’ve taken several of Dan’s courses and have learnt a great deal from him.
    The course is dynamic with clear instructions and punctuated with opportunities and encouragement to show off the skills learned.
    Again, thank you so much Dan!

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  4. Ivy Rose

    Nice. Daniel is an excellent instructor , on top of articulating the entire class very well , he is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining . It was very rare that I was bored , at times frustrated, but that’s on me not on the instructor . But yes you gain alot with this course … you’re not there unless you’ve pulled a few hairs out or gained more facial lines ( I mean more knowledge ) , but now you’ll know how to use the clone stamp or healing brush to fix that … win win !!

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  5. Arpi

    This was amazing. Thanks a lot for this course.
    P.S. “You can do better” this phrase was the best.haha )))

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  6. Ryan McPherson

    The course is well thought out and easy to follow with great examples of what to do, what not to do what could go wrong and how to fix or find work arounds. The examples are great and it leaves me with great confidence in using all the relevant tools for real world jobs. This is my second advanced course under Daniel and will continue enrolling in his design courses.

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  7. Raghuram K

    Great teaching skills from Dan. Enjoyed how you explain in detail all the nook & corners of various features of Photoshop.

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  8. Catalina Brânzea

    Loved it! Both the Essentials and Advanced Photoshop courses are amazing. Dan delivers such a great teaching experience. This course is pretty long, is full of useful information and different techniques and what I love about Dan’s courses is that he explains in detail everything he does to the end result and all of that in a fun & friendly way. I have already purchased the Adobe XD course because I want to follow my path to web design, but as a suggestion, maybe in the future, I would love to see a course dedicated to realistic photomontages made in Photoshop. Until then, thank you so much for your lessons, Dan!

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  9. Takaharu KUNISHO

    I think overall good. But I started to see some area can be improved.
    For class object, I cannot see instructor’s examples. I see other student’s examples, but not instructors.
    Also, when he talks about Typekit, I tried to download it, but I think this is changed to adove font and can be used for personal and commercial use. But the instructor keeps using Typekit. I think that areas should be updated.

    Also, since he does not show me or tell me if previous feature works or not, I cannot use some of the features such as opening video, using 3D text. Some error message shows this does not support anymore. Please keep updated your video with current version of Photoshop. Some features are died out. If any solutions are available, the instructor should cover for it. Not everyone is using same version of his photoshop. and because of that, I cannot complete all assignment and cannot complete this course.

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  10. Jovan Budiman

    Wow I made it. I feel like I have to pause a little and give a round of applause to the creator and who made it to the end. it’s quite a journey. especially from non-English speaker. it’s a little bit hard at the beginning but quite enjoyable at the end. I like the nerdiness of the course. in fact my scroll bar in Udemy become really tiny around a quarter inch, because I have so many notes. World class course for me 🙂 cheers Dan

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  11. Loris Nartey

    I’ve enjoyed the class and have learned a lot! I didn’t think I’d produce the quality of work that I have and it’s all because of this course.

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  12. Andreas Mitrou

    Really really good training course. Dan is an amazing instructor, fun and pleasant to watch. I am glad I chose this course I learned so many new features. I am going to continue with his illustrator course now. Thank you so much Dan, it is really nice for you to share all these knowledge with us!!

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    Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course
    Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course


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