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Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions: Ace the JS Interview

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What you’ll learn

  • Impress interviewers with knowledge about advanced JavaScript features
  • Confidently Interview other JavaScript candidates
  • Pass stage one JavaScript telephone interviews
  • Prepare for working on complex frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte or Angular.

In only seven hours you will learn enough JavaScript to transform from a junior javascript developer into a senior javascript guru.

You will dramatically improve your chances of getting past a technical interview, landing that dream job and earning more money.

If you are like me you learnt Javascript by just muddling along, seeing what works and learning a thing or two every day.

However, without a grasp of the deeper fundamentals, you will hit quite a few head scratchy issues, introduce bugs, find it hard to read and understand framework and library code and won’t be considered a senior developer.

This unique course teaches you advanced javascript knowledge through a series of interview questions, with regular quizzes on the way through to cement your knowledge.

What are you going to learn?

  • Types & Equality: The different types in JS and how to check if two values are really equal?
  • Scopes: The different scopes a variable can be declared in and how to manipulate those scopes.
  • Destructuring  & Looping: Did you know that JavaScript has for methods of looping over things?
  • This: We have a whole section dedicated to the this keyword. A deep understanding of the this keyword is core to becoming a senior JavaScript developer.
  • Object Orientation: The history of OO in JavaScript from the Prototype Pattern to the Pseudo-Classical/Constructor Pattern all the way to the class syntax introduced in ES6. You need to know the previous patterns to truly understand the current class pattern.
  • Asynchronous Programming: JavaScript power is in its asynchronicity, you will learn all about the pros and cons of callbacks, promises and async/await.
  • Advanced topics in Networking such as CORS and JSONP.
  • Advanced topics in Event Handling such as the different event phases.

Why an interview format?

I find that it’s only when I’m facing an upcoming interview that I get into gear and really make sure I have a deep understanding of what I claim to know.

I might know the best practice for how to solve a problem, but do I know why?

Javascript interviews are designed to dig deeper into your knowledge of a subject, see if you are just mimicking what you have read or if you have a proper understanding.

Also, it’s FUN, what’s more satisfying than learning something, then passing a test!

Who this course is for:

  • Maybe your a JS developer looking to change jobs and isn’t looking forward to the interview, I mean who does?
  • Maybe it’s been a while since you wrote JS and you want to get a refresher on the latest features.
  • Maybe you just finished another Beginner or Intermediate JavaScript course and want to get to the next level
  • Just about to enter the job market after a career change
  • New graduates coming out of university

12 reviews for Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions: Ace the JS Interview

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  1. Daisuke Nishide

    Some topics can be done better, but overall, it great for a deeper understanding of Javascript, its core fundamentals and additional features. play @ 1.25x speed

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  2. Lisa Tomes

    I was looking for a course to complement my sketchy JavaScript knowledge and this was exactly the right match for me! Interesting topics, well explained, not too long, not too short. And the quizzes were really well-placed! Liked it!

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  3. Aatif Ahmed

    It was amazing learning with you Asim, I learnt so many new things which I don’t know before.
    Thanks for helping me!

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  4. Rodolfo Neves Melo

    Tem sido uma experiência incrível, passei a conhecer detalhes do Javascript que já mais imaginaria. Porém a legenda deixa um pouco a desejar, se não tivesse um pouco de experiência com Javascript ficaria perdido em muitos momentos, seguindo a legenda.
    P.S.: A crítica está na legenda não no conteúdo.

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  5. Ryan Aldred

    This course goes deep on javascript topics that are brushed over in other courses. I would recommend this course if you want to really understand javascript once you have an understanding of the syntax and how things generally work

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  6. Ronny Drechsler

    It was a pleasure to listen to you. Gog pronouncation allowed me to view the video in 1.25 speed. You have a great knowledge and can explain it in examples.
    Sure, some of the content isn’t quiet hard to understand. But with some re-views it will going to be better 🙂

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  7. Compie .

    A little bit rambly on occasion up until this point but goes over interesting and important topics in an easy to understand way

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  8. Chris Smith

    This is fantastic. Really delving into the detail of how things work and why the language has evolved how it has. All very clearly explained and well paced.

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  9. Vedant Koshatwar

    Great course! Everything was explained in the detail. Very interesting.

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  10. Emilia Jędrzejczyk

    Great course. It’s going through details of base understanding of javascript.
    + Good pronunciation, easy to understand

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  11. TalkarTech

    I really liked the last parts. The first were a bit too basic imho.

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  12. Mohit Verma

    I want to thank asim for investing his time to make this course, It was a good course for me to revise some of the core concepts.

    However i would rate this course as 3 star, cause of few reasons, course content is outdated, practical examples are not used, for 1 example in async section example could have been better explained via fetching things from APIs.

    Overall a good course, for experienced developers a good refresher, and so beginners scope of learning is there. Thanks you asim.

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    Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions: Ace the JS Interview
    Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions: Ace the JS Interview


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