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Android App Development Bootcamp 2022 Java/Kotlin/Fragments

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Android app development and become a professional Android developer, go freelance, or build your dream app idea
  • Make beautiful, professional, Android apps
  • Go from a complete beginner – even with no previous programming experience – to a real Android App Developer
  • Switch careers and get a job as an Android Developer
  • Make many real working apps that work properly, look great, and are up to date with best practice from 2021
  • Learn Java AND Kotlin

Android App Development in Java AND Kotlin. From a complete beginner, learn to make real apps, build your portfolio in a modern course with latest best practice!


About this course

The Android Development Bootcamp is a brand new, up-to-date course providing the perfect introduction to the real-world Android concepts and skills required to be a successful Android developer in 2022. Whether you are a complete beginner or are coming from another language or platform, this course will go from setting up and installing Android Studio to building real apps that are useful and look great. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the core important aspects of Android app development, and you will be taught by a fully qualified teacher who made a switch from a completely different career into being a Senior Android Engineer at a major UK company making apps for millions of users.

*Begin by gaining a foundation in XML and Java – move onto Kotlin, Fragments, RecyclerViews and much more*

This course won’t patronise you, or have you copying along typing things you don’t understand. No important concept will be glossed over or taken for granted; no, you will have that deep understanding that leads to mastery.

*A unique Android course that offers a fully integrated curriculum*

Many Android courses teach a few of the concepts in isolation. For example you may see a section on Java separate from the other “Android” sections. But this isn’t how Android works! Android/Java/XML are all so heavily intertwined, with our skills developing in all areas as we gain mastery, so why experience them in isolation?

In this course, you will learn what you need to know, the moment you need to know it! Whether it’s working with layout files, programming in Java, you can be sure the key concepts – from Variables, Classes and Methods through to Inheritance, Interfaces and much more – will be introduced at the moment they are relevant, fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the course.


About me

I am currently employed as a Senior Android Engineer for a major UK company, born and currently living in the north of England, however programming was not where I started my career.

With a successful career behind me as a fully qualified music teacher and professional musician, I made the switch from teaching to software development, teaching myself. I am the proof that you don’t need a computer science degree, or years of commercial experience to be a highly successful Android developer.

What’s more, as I have years of training in teaching, I am highly skilled at breaking down complex topics in ways that are easy to understand and engaging, and I am expert at developing a curriculum where the concepts are introduced in an enjoyable, flowing way, always building upon our existing skills while acquiring new ones.

So, as somebody who decided one day to break into Android app development just like you are at this point, and as a fully qualified teacher, I am uniquely positioned to guide you on your path to also becoming an Android developer, in a way that is fun, carefully designed, engaging, never patronising, and that will get you as excited as I was – and still am – about learning this wonderful skill!


About you (or, course requirements!)

This is the course for you if:

  • You want to make Android apps
  • You are interested in becoming an employed Android developer, a freelancer, launching your own projects, or just want to try your hand at making real mobile apps
  • You have no prior programming experience, or some but from a different language/platform
  • You want a course that teaches you the real tools Android developers and professionals use in the real world, in an integrated curriculum that will give you a deep understanding of all the key concepts an Android developer needs to know to have a successful career

With regards to what you need to be able to take this course, note the following two points:

  • Absolutely zero programming experience is required (although if you have some that’s also fine!) – you will be taught everything you need to know from scratch
  • You need a computer, either PC (Windows) or a Mac, with an internet connection


Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners to Android app development, even if you have no prior coding experience
  • Anyone who wants to make Android apps, or become an Android Developer
  • Students who want to be taught by a Senior Android Engineer and fully qualified teacher, who want a deep understanding of Android App Development

12 reviews for Android App Development Bootcamp 2022 Java/Kotlin/Fragments

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Nick Paxford

    Now I can’t watch any other tutorials because they aren’t as clear and beautiful as this course! (jk) But it really is so good the way the instructor carefully goes through the content.
    I understand he will add more videos, and I very much look forward to them!

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  2. Devaraj

    The tutor is very nice teaching skill in the start of the course i don’t know anything about java and kotlin he teach me good and nice to learn thanks for the vin norman

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  3. T C

    It was a great course but it is disappointing it ends so abruptly, I really hope Vin will upload the remainder of the sections soon so I can give the course 5 stars 🙂

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  4. Nandala Abhinav

    This is a great course for beginner android developer like me. I would have appreciated it if the course completed as it is incomplete.

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  5. Luis Angel Díaz Sánchez

    I really liked the way that Vic explain, hope he finish the course, until that, no five stars.

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  6. Steve Jaynes

    I’ve watched several tutorials on Android, but this is the best one I’ve seen. The author covers older methods of creating activities and fragments, and transitioning from one to another, giving the student a much better understanding of the Android ecosystem.

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  7. Richard Dadds

    This is an excellent course with a really good mix of theory and practice.

    There are a number of challenges set throughout the course that give you the opportunity to consolidate your learning. I found them all achievable with the knowledge previously provided and on completion I really felt they were worth the effort required.

    Vin’s focus on best practice is another reason to take this course. Having a practising developer providing tips on how he works is extremely valuable and gives you the sense that you are not learning redundant information.

    The only reason I have not given this course 5 stars is that it isn’t finished yet, although new content is regularly added.

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  8. Isabel Alice

    Overall, I do recommend this course.
    Some comments for those who are wondering if this course is for them:

    + The course is aimed at complete beginners, Vin clearly explains all basic terms needed to understand how coding in android studio works in both java and kotlin which is a good start
    + The videos are easy to follow and to code along which is a big plus compared to other courses I’ve tried
    + There are small challenges that let you practice before you see the solution code

    – As many comments say, it seems like there’s going to be more content and the course could definitely have a few more videos to make it complete
    – My personal disappointment is the last app (Record Keeper) that feels unfinished and it would be nice to have some further guidance on how to make it more functional
    – A great plus would be a tutorial on how to implement modern designs to build good looking apps

    To sum up, even though the course is pretty short it has plenty of information and it’s a great start to go from a beginner to advanced.
    However to build a *good* portfolio will require your additional time and effort to learn more about java/kotlin and app design.

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  9. Harish R

    I am enjoying the way the trainer is explaining things. Very detailed and not overloaded. Good pace, no hurry to finish things.

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  10. Aris Chronopoulos

    it was indeed a good course.I would like to get deeper on android studio backend staff like how we save things how to connect a db etc.I also sometimes skipped the programming concept parts cause I already knew them.In other words it is an excellent course for a complete beginner in programming and developing.Closing,it was a good experience and I learned many new things for android.

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  11. Nikola Urosevic

    You sir are an excellent teacher. It’s amazing how patiently you break down concepts, show how they work, why we need to know them and immediately after apply them in an exercise. I’m half way through the course and so far it’s been a pleasure to learn!

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  12. Nasser Al-Jaradat

    overall great course – well structured and good explanations – only piece that was missing was it would have been useful to see examples using rest apis to get and post data (i.e. there was no content on how to interact with APIs covered in this course).

    also seemed like the course just abruptly ended

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    Android App Development Bootcamp 2022 Java/Kotlin/Fragments
    Android App Development Bootcamp 2022 Java/Kotlin/Fragments


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