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Android Architecture Masterclass

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the most important aspects of Android architecture
  • Decouple user interface logic in your codebase using MVC pattern
  • Employ Dependency Injection to follow Separation of Concerns principle
  • Discover the real roles of Activities and Fragments in Android applications
  • Understand Single-Activity vs. Multi-Activity trade-offs
  • Use clean packages structure to reflect the business domain of your application
  • Avoid “Spaghetti Code” and “God Classes”

In this course, you’ll deep dive into Android design and architecture and learn how to write clean, readable and maintainable code in your Android applications.

As you probably know, starting developing for Android isn’t that hard. Really, you can go from zero to publishing an app on Google Play in just few months. However, it’s even easier to mess up your Android project with dirty code.

The symptoms of dirty code are all too common: classes with thousands of lines of code, duplicated code all over the place, obscure naming, random structure of packages, Singletons, etc. All these are very serious problems which, sooner or later, appear in and slow down most Android projects.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that! There are best practices which you can learn and use in your Android applications that will ensure their long-term quality:

  • Clean Architecture
  • Model-View-X architectural patterns
  • Dependency Injection
  • Package by Feature
  • Logic Reuse Through Composition and Inheritance
  • Many more…

After completing this course, you’ll start writing clean and readable code. Different features will be encapsulated in small, decoupled classes which will be organized into meaningful packages to reflect your application’s business domain. You’ll be using standard design and architectural patterns, so other developers will have easier time ramping up on your code. And much, much more…

No more Activities and Fragments having thousands of lines of code. No more code duplication. No more changes in many different places each time you add a new feature. No more spaghetti code!

Over the years, I worked as a corporate Android developer, wrote Android applications as a freelancer and, today, I consult companies about their Android projects and train their developers. The material in this course summarizes years of professional experience with many different types of Android applications.

All in all, in this course you’ll acquire advanced knowledge and skills which will make you more productive as a developer and boost your career. Furthermore, you’ll start taking professional pride in your work and enjoy Android development much more going forward. If this sounds appealing, this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Android developers

12 reviews for Android Architecture Masterclass

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Rosina Mothibi

    It was a very interesting course. I will re-do in hands practice, to get used to. Can you provide the same in Kotlin please

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  2. Harish V

    This seems to cover most of the architecture hurdles that an Android developer comes across when he/she wants to follow the clean approach.

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  3. Denis Bogoslovtsev

    Well, I was looking for an example of proper and clean usage of ViewModels, but unfortunately there was almost nothing about ViewModels.
    Despite this all the other content is really good and gives you a pretty decent and structured understanding of clean Android architecture

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  4. Sumukha Aithal K

    If you want to understand and implement good architectural pattern in Android this course is for you. Please note, this course is not to make you land your interview that is scheduled tomorrow or next week. this course is to know how and be a better android developer keeping bigger picture in mind.

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  5. Rares Serban

    Great, but only one mention about modularisation.

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  6. George Hannuneh

    well organized with hands on exercises. they come in handy

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  7. Brian Ledbetter

    This class really brings Android architecture out of the dark ages. For me it draws parallels to Swift-style architecture on iOS devices, which is great.

    The instructor eloquently describes the theory and follows it up with code examples.

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  8. Mateusz Banaczyk

    Great Course! A lot of good knowledge and interesting approach to MVC pattern. Thank You!

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  9. Prasoon Dhaneshwar

    A very good course about Android Architecture. Vasiliy goes into details about scalability and making the project more maintainable over long term.
    Definitely recommended!

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  10. Julian David Cuestas Jiménez

    Course very good!, good fundations.

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  11. Roy Wanyaga Munge

    The instructor clearly has vast experience and researched widely on these topics. A must-have course for anyone looking to advance in Android development

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  12. Simon Richards

    This course is amazing. It gets right to the heart of what and why and all demonstrated with a real world example. I’ve definitely become a better developer because of it.

    Also, the info is compact. I was reluctant to get it because it’s not many hours of material, relatively speaking, but actually this is a full course’s worth of information and I didn’t have to sit through endless hours of material.

    I’ve read a lot of material on software architecture and it’s always felt a bit abstract, but I really grasped the meaning of it here. Highly recommended!

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    Android Architecture Masterclass
    Android Architecture Masterclass


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