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Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)

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What you’ll learn

  • Modular learning sections & 10 real world projects with pure JavaScript
  • Master the DOM (document object model) WITHOUT jQuery
  • Asynchronous programming with Ajax, Fetch API, Promises & Async / Await
  • OOP including ES5 prototypes & ES2015 classes
  • Learn JavaScript Patterns
  • Regular expressions, error handling, localStorage & more

This is a front to back JavaScript course for absolutely everybody. We start with the basic fundamentals and work our way to advanced programming WITHOUT relying on frameworks or libraries at all. You will learn a ton of pure JavaScript, whether you are a beginner or an established JS programmer. There is something for everyone…



  • Basics & Fundamentals: Data types, let & const variables, functions, conditionals, loops, object literals, arrays, etc
  • DOM Manipulation: Selectors, traversing the DOM, show/hide, creating & removing elements, event listeners
  • OOP: ES5 prototypes, inheritance, ES2015 classes & sub-classes, constructors
  • Async JS: Ajax & XHR, Fetch API, callbacks, promises, async / await
  • ES2015+: Arrow functions, template strings, generators, iterators, maps & sets, symbols & more
  • JavaScript Patterns: Module, Factory, State, Observer, Mediator, Singleton
  • Other: Local & session storage, regular expressions, try/catch error handling
  • 10 Projects of all kinds



#### PROJECTS ####

  1. Task List With Local Storage
  2. Loan Calculator
  3. Number Guess Game
  4. OOP Book Listing App (ES5 Prototype & ES2015 Classes Version)
  5. Chuck Norris Joke Generator
  6. EasyHTTP – Custom HTTP Library (3 Versions – Callbacks / Promises / Async & Await)
  7. Github Finder
  8. WeatherJS App
  9. Calorie Tracker (Module Pattern)
  10. Microposts – Frontend CRUD for REST API (Webpack & Babel)


Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn modern JavaScript from beginner to advanced without libraries and frameworks

12 reviews for Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Emmanuel Chum

    It was about what I expected. Very knowledgable, but I would recommend dumbing it down a bit further beginners, also adding more simple projects. Although I did begin to understand most of the projects once I really started to dissect it SLOWLY. I don’t think I would’ve been able to if I was “just” starting out. Overall it was a good buy, and I am satisfied. I plan on going over it again, and slowly dissecting each project. But yea, more “for dummies” level explaining, I think most of us would appreciate that.

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  2. Caliver

    This was a great course! I get here everything I needed but for people who just start with learning JS it’s very overwhelming. I get to this course 2 times. For the first time I was manage to procced more than half and resign because I felt like it`s to much for me and it’s just a waste of my time. I found another course where I started from beginning (HTML/CSS + JS and React). I finished them but i had lacks of knowledge in JS classes / protos / fetch, so I decide start again this course and I feel like it was a best choice! I think I was able to fix most of my gaps from other courses so I am very excited!
    This course isn’t easy but it has all what is needed.
    Thanks so much Brad!

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  3. Pratiksha Parihari

    At starting i felt that course is too much lengthy but after finishing this i must say that such a arranged and good course it is, thanks Brad for your time and effort..

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  4. Student One

    Very in depth, had a good time coding and learning JS in these tutorials (the Chuck Norris jokes was my favorite). My only negative was that some of the APIs and resources have changed since when this was posted years back, but the comments helped put me back on track with a solution. Either way, it was a lot of fun taking this course.

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  5. James Ide

    Initial thoughts from a .Net developer learning JS for the first time.
    Module pattern easy to pick up, rest of Section 11 JS patterns went over my head. Tracalorie project got confusing very quickly, microposts project was significantly easier to follow and I understand what I’m looking at, although the edit state was probably the most difficult part. Manipulating the DOM and creating alerts, I definitely need to revisit, especially with all the methods like appendChild, createTextNode etc.
    Section 11 and 10 probably weakest parts of the course. Section 1 – 8 was superbly done and I have a great reference for writing my own http library and consuming it through fetch. Section 13 is a great project, I’m glad to have completed it.

    Great methodical approach to the course, this is the second course I’ve taken by Brad and I’m extremely lucky to live in an age where all this information is consolidated into 20 or so hours, even if, its just the tip of the iceberg with JavaScript.

    However, I think a first time JS programmer would struggle greatly with the Tracalorie project and OOP, especially if you have no coding experience. It becomes overwhelming, pretty quickly. Personally I’d take another course or youtube video on JS basics before coming along here. Fortunately concepts from previous experience in .Net, Java etc made it easier for me to understand the concepts presented here. You also are exposed to various CSS frameworks which is awesome for a bit of diversification.

    Great course regardless. All the best to those who read this and good luck in your coding journey!

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  6. Justin Edwards

    Everything I was looking for. The hard things become easy things as you just keep moving on. It has giving me a great understanding of what I set out to learn and even more as I follow along. Im going to keep following this through and go back to get some refreshers on certain things. But it becomes repetitive and those repetitions bring muscle. Ill be satisfied if can retain 50-60% of the information given the first time around. Then I’m going to go back and watch the lectures without feverishly typing behind the scenes for a better understanding. Seems to work for me. Thanks Brad for what seems to be a complete understanding of javascript. And the skill to be able to pass it on. I really enjoy the class.

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  7. Yanal Mohsen

    Read this if you’re unsure and want more information:

    I’ve waited until I was fully done with the course before reviewing it, in order to give anyone reading this a pretty good idea of what to expect.

    If you don’t want to read the whole thing, below is a short summary. I will have the detailed review below it.

    Summary: Definitely worth buying! The course is extensive, but not to the point where it loses it’s beginner-friendliness. The projects in the course will really give you a good understanding of the fundamental ideas you’ll be learning and it will all start clicking. One thing I would say is, please watch Brad’s videos on YouTube first to get an idea of his teaching style. No teaching style is for everyone, but if you like his on YouTube, you’re gonna love it here!

    In-depth Review:

    Firstly, I would just like to define were I was before starting this course, to help give you a clearer picture. Before starting this course, I had pretty general knowledge in HTML/CSS, and by general I mean I could create a homepage/website that didn’t look ugly, but didn’t look pretty either to be honest. What’s important is that I had decent understanding of how HTML and CSS work together, which you will definitely need to complete this course. My knowledge on JavaScript was everything I learned from Brad’s JavaScript Crash Course on YouTube, as well as the 4-part DOM JavaScript videos.

    Bootstrap, Materialize, and Skeleton (CSS Libraries) were used in all of the courses. I don’t want this to scare you off, as I have never learnt any of those and was still able to follow along with what was going on. Brad used them for the sake of simplicity, and you should be able to follow along just fine if you’re familiar with HTML and CSS. I would highly recommend coding the HTML with Brad, or at least watch closely, to have a general picture of what’s gonna happen and where when he moves on to the JS file.

    Brad’s approach is simple, but incremental, meaning he will start slow with basic ideas, build on them, then slowly increase the complexity. For example, he’s not gonna stop mid-course to reexplain how functions work if he’s already explained it a section back in detail, which I think makes the course less dull and more enjoyable. With this said though, don’t panic over understanding everything and worry too much about things not feeling so smooth in your head, especially in the beginning. Try your best to get the idea from the fundamentals, and you will discover any weakness you might have once you start with a given project. You might have to rewind every now and again, or go back to a prior video in the course to understand what the f**k is going on, but that’s completely fine. Trust the process and you’ll get there.

    Lastly, I would love to give a few personal tips from my experience with this course:

    – Patience! Please stay patient! It will be a bit overwhelming in the beginning before you reach your first course, but stay on track and allow your self to forget, or feel like you don’t know half of the stuff you’ve learnt. Once you start with the first project, you’ll notice things starting to click, you will understand things more clearly, and you will realise that you know much more than you thought you did. I’ve had days were a 3-hour session felt like shit and I felt so dumb, but when I came back to the course the next day everything made sense and got easier. Trust the process and you won’t regret it.

    – Practice everyday. I can’t stress this enough, I’ve been studying this course 3-5 hours a day every day since around 10/03, and have only just finished the material today, 18/04. I will still need probably need 2-4 weeks to go over all the courses, ideas…etc to make sure I’m okay with everything, before moving forward. This totals up to around 200 hours just to finish this course. I’m by no means a developer nor an expert, but I went from not understanding what arrays are, to being able to build small-medium apps. You don’t have to do it in the same speed or study the same number of hours daily, but that’s what works for me when it comes to complicated subjects. I would say however that a minimum of 2 hours a day, every day is a really good number if you want to not stretch this for ever.

    – Redo the projects you’ve learnt on your own, and try using as little help as possible. Sooner or later the idea of “what do I need to do now” and “how do I even do that” will become so natural, and things will get even easier to understand. Something I did was always dedicate the first 30-60 minutes to quickly redo one of the courses I’ve learnt so far. When one would get easy, I would challenge myself to add extra features which surprisingly gets easier and easier. Doing will not only get you more comfortable with JavaScript, but will teach you how to think when creating something as well as give you nice dose of dopamine, which will get you excited to start learning.

    – Really focus and find the time. You will have to sacrifice a part of your day for this. It will be much harder if you just learn every now and again when you have nothing to do. Dedicate a specific time of your day for learning, try and aim for at least 2 hours daily, and make sure you’re not distracted. Grab your coffee, water, and (in my case) vape and enjoy it.

    – Last tip I have is to ENJOY IT! It will be frustrating and you will be angry at time, but if you can make it feel like a stubborn annoying puzzle that you can’t get enough of, then you’re gonna want more and more. I’m not saying you need to be passionate about it, or only think about coding all day, but if you are passionate and do enjoy the challenge, then you should be just fine with enough practice.

    Hope this helps you make your decision.

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  8. Black Black

    This is a very good course i must admit, i have learnt alot from the course and the project’s that we did somehow helped me to start thinking like a real programmer and then i followed the instructions to create the projects. Although i will suggest Brad should take some days off to update some of the project in this course because 3 years + is a lot of time for things to change. A lot of the things used in creating this course have changed and it leave us stuck because we don’t know what else to do.

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  9. Jamie Laurence

    A brilliant course that has helped me brush up on my understanding and knowledge of JavaScript. Thank you Brad!

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  10. Lyn Scott

    Brilliant, I would have done a few changes to those example apps but I’m really happy about the content of this course! I’m also starting your “React Front To Back 2022” course. Best regards from Chile!

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  11. Ben Shaw

    Another fantastic course from Brad. Thanks, Brad!
    One small bit of feedback – a brief update could be useful (as this course is from 2017) about changes since its creation.
    For example, JS modules are now supported in modern browsers, babel probably isn’t required anymore, etc.

    Aside from that, Brad’s teaching style is great; it’s truly a pleasure to complete his courses.
    I’d also recommend his PHP OOP course for back end – I’ve adapted and further improved the custom framework that we get to create in that course.
    It could easily provide the API parts that this front-end course refers to.

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  12. Maria Groeizaam

    Some sections were not up-to-date. And you were a little quick sometimes for beginners.

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    Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)
    Beginning Modern JavaScript (Includes 10 Real Projects)


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