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Build Web Apps with React & Firebase

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create modern & dynamic React websites from the ground up
  • Learn about Components, Props, Hooks, Context, State, Reducers & the React Router
  • Learn how to implement a database, authentication & file uploads with React & Firebase
  • Create & deploy fully fledged user-based React websites

React is a hugely popular front-end library and React developers are always in hight demand in the web dev job market. In this course you’ll learn how to use React from the ground-up to create dynamic & interactive websites, and by the time you finish you’ll be in a great position to succeed in a job as a React developer. You’ll also have 4 full React projects under your belt too, which you can customize and use in your portfolio!

Throughout the course you’ll learn exactly what React is and why it’s such a popular choice to make interactive & dynamic websites. You’ll learn how to set up a React website from scratch, how to create React components, how to use state to manage component data & how to work with interactive events such as click events & form submissions.

You’ll also get hands-on practise with the React Router (which is used in React to create website with “multiple pages”) and you’ll see how these are actually known as Single Page Applications (or SPA’s for short).

We’ll dive into React Hooks such as useState, useEffect, useParams & useHistory and use them to help us create 4 full React projects from scratch – a memory game, a recipe website, a finance tracker & a project management application.

You’ll also learn some more avanced topics such as the React Context API to handle global state & reducers (including the useReducer hook) to help manage more complex state.

Once you’ve mastered React, we’ll take our websites to the next level by integrating them with Firebase – a backend as a service. You’ll learn how to add services such as a real-time database & authentication into your React sites as well as how to allow end-users to upload files from their computers with the help of Firebase Storage. Finally, I’ll teach you how to build & deploy your React sites to the web using Firebase Hosting.

By the end of the course you’ll have a solid understanding of React & be able to make your own production-ready websites!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner developers wanting to learn a front-end framework like React
  • Beginner React developers wanting to further their React skills & knowledge
  • Intermediate & advanced React developers wanting to learn how to integrate back-end services like authentication & databases
  • Developers who have used other frameworks (like Vue) & want to switch to React

12 reviews for Build Web Apps with React & Firebase

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Ronald Salomon

    Learning is going well. Many concepts to understand but one bite at a time. This will help with a project I’m working on for my organization. Thanks!

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  2. Ayub

    Great work, Shaun.. not everyone can teach, but you certainly have the gift! i have been playing most of the course on my laptop speaker, so all of my family is now familiar with you voice haha.. Ayub

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  3. Shamsur Raza Chowdhury

    This is the first course I did on Udemy. I have seen Shuan’s free playlist on YouTube which is why I decided do this course from him on React. I think this a great course to bridge the gap from a beginner to moderate understanding of React. This course doesn’t cover it all of course. You will need to learn more sophisticated state management or some other hooks like (useMemo, useCallBack, etc…) to become a more advanced React developer, but this is probably enough to get going. As far as Firebase in this course is considered, I actually have a few complaints. I don’t like the way Firebase was taught in this course. I would have liked it better if he went through the documentation of Firebase, which is really good and easy for beginners, and then showed all the methods and whatnot. By no means, this is a Firebase course. There is loads of other things you can do with Firebase that is not shown here for obvious reasons. Aside from that, this course did held up to my expectation. I have followed along with course by doing similar projects that has at least some additional or fundamental difference from his ones. I think it’s very important for anyone doing this course to do the same. All in all, you should get up and running with React and have a few projects to show for in your portfolio without learning any concrete back-end and data base solution. Good luck in your journey!

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  4. Achirangshu De

    Excellent tutorial. Followed start to end. Well planned and designed course. All of the projects and lessons were relevant. Sean’s (instructor) teaching style is very engaging and clear. I linked that instructor even explained each CSS statements as well. None of the topic / video was dragging or irrelevant. My only wish is if CSS files can be attached for each lesson then it would be easier to code along. It took some time to get the CSS file each time. Otherwise excellent course. Anybody who wants to learn React and build an fully functional app, this is the course to go !

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  5. Caner Demir

    Brooooo you are amazing. Simple and bullseye. I say how easy it was when the ninja explained things that I read from other sources and did not understand. And pls pls make another courses for react like build amazon,netflix,spotify…. clones. Last word ladies and gentlemen take this course and fly in the clouds.

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  6. Alberto Guzman

    Crazy fast knowledge, fully recommended, no doubt, if you have problems or a bug just search the teacher repository and search the q&a with those tools you can fix almost like anything 90% of the challenges i had

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  7. William Molina

    The Net Ninja is the man! Amazing as always! Learned so much from his YouTube videos, and thought I would give one of these Udemy courses a try and he did not disappoint. Highly recommended

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  8. Anthony T Cool

    Very, Very, Very Good Course – Recommended!

    Thank you very much indeed, Shuan – The Net Ninja!

    Appreciate of all the great work you have done for this course.

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  9. Jorge O.

    Hands down the best React course I’ve taken. I learned a lot (and still learning). Net Ninja is a great instructor!

    What made this course great:
    – No prior React knowledge needed. (Javascript is a must)
    – Instructor is very hands-on. Explains everything in great detail without padding out.
    – Provides insight on how React works internally.
    – Excellent file organization.
    – Course is well structured.
    – Challenges provided are fair and makes use of everything taught up to that point of the course.
    – Provides a Javascript section which is ideal for reference.
    – Projects are fun to do! Each project gets progressively more complicated but never to a point of feeling overwhelmed.
    – All code is available on Github.

    What I feel can improve this course:
    – Some lectures could have benefited from slides with bullet points for emphasis. Would strongly recommend to enable captions and take as much notes as possible.
    – Some lectures the instructor copies CSS code and you have to manually go to his Github to view these files. Would have liked a direct link in these cases although I bookmarked his Github.

    I’m very happy I took this course – 4.5/5

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  10. Sasha Zabelin

    Shaun is one of the best instructors I’ve had. Very well prepared, organized, and with enough engagement throughout the course.
    I rarely finish courses from start to end, usually pick individual sections as needed. This course was one of those I’ve studied in its entirety. Kudos to you, Netninja-Shaun. Would love to see more courses from you in the future.

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  11. Mohd Hanif Mohamad

    Great course, very clear instruction, clear step by step, easy to understand, this course also have updated version which mean you can learn how different between old version and the new ones. I will take another course by this instructor because he is very great, brilliant, and genius. Bravo Shaun… thanks a lot.

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  12. Rui Zhu

    Good and clear, friendly for beginner
    Excellent English pronunciation.

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    Build Web Apps with React & Firebase
    Build Web Apps with React & Firebase


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