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C# Unity Developer 2D Coding: Learn to Code Video Games

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn C#, a powerful modern language, from scratch. No prior programming experience is necessary.
  • Become excellent at using the Unity game engine.
  • Build a solid foundation for game design and game development that will help you build your own games.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • Create playable game projects – good for your portfolio, or just for your own sense of achievement.
  • Transfer your knowledge from this course to .NET, other languages, and more.
  • Develop highly transferable coding problem solving skills.
  • Be part of an amazing and supportive community of people similar to you.

The course has recently been remastered in Unity 2021.1.

This course started as a runaway success on Kickstarter and has gone on to become the most popular and most watched Unity game development course on Udemy. The course has full English closed-captions throughout.

Learn how to create video games using Unity, the world-leading free-to-use game development tool. We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unity or coding! With our online tutorials, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve right from the first moment you start the course.

Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and the GameDevtv team who are regularly engaged in the forums and Q&A section. Go on to build several games including:

  • Snow Boarder: A simple Side-Scrolling jumping game using Unity’s sprite shape tool
  • Laser Defender: A Top-Down Space Shooter with enemies to shoot and dodge;
  • TileVania: A fast-paced classic Side-Scrolling Platformer using Unity’s Tilemap tool;
  • Quiz Master: A Quiz Game that focuses on learning how to set up user interface in Unity.

Prefer to start with 3D games? Check-out our sister course, the Complete C# Unity Developer 3D. Already have some Unity knowledge, and want something more challenging? Check-out our epic RPG Core Combat Creator. More interested in creating 3D models from scratch? Start with our Complete Blender Creator course. Our green leaf logo is a symbol of passion and quality.

You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Get plugged into our communities of amazing developers on Facebook (nearly 20k), in our own TA-curated Community (17k views/day), and our student chat group (10k live at any one time). Check out our reviews to see how people love this feature.

The course is project-based as we believe this is the best way to learn Unity and C#. You will not just be learning dry programming concepts, but applying them immediately to real indie games as you go. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources – you’ll never get stuck. There are talking-head videos, powerful diagrams, quality screencasts and more.

Oh, and it’s just bigger and better than other Unity courses you will find online. See the course length and the reviews.

For each demo game you build you will follow this process…

  • Be challenged to build the entire game yourself.
  • Be shown step-by step how to build it.
  • Be challenged to apply, and re-apply your knowledge regularly.

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced coders and avid gamers, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way.

You will learn C#, and in turn build a solid foundation for Object Oriented Programming. By the end of the course you’ll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.

What this course DOESN’T cover…

Whereas this course is already huge, we can’t possibly cover everything in that time. Here are some things we will not be covering…

  • Performance optimization.
  • Editor plugins or modifications.
  • Physics engine modification

Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity is a fantastic platform which enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!

If you’re a complete beginner, we’ll teach you all the coding and game design principles you’ll need. If you’re an artist, we’ll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you’re a coder, we’ll teach you game design principles.

Dive in and learn Unity now, you won’t be disappointed!

Who this course is for:

  • Competent and confident with using a computer.
  • Some programming experience helpful, but not required.
  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games.
  • Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.
  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game development.

12 reviews for C# Unity Developer 2D Coding: Learn to Code Video Games

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  1. Cal Leung

    I can’t recommend this course enough. Programming concepts build nicely on top of each other, and by the end, you’ve had enough practice that many concepts feel second nature (I often found myself pausing the video to complete code myself before the instructors did). What’s more, the GameDev folks squeeze in a bunch of other useful stuff — from game design fundamentals and clean coding techniques to indie game dev resources and learning philosophies. That said, you do need to put in the work, not just doing the challenges, to get the most out of this course. I did have to re-watch videos a few times to fully grasp them or watch some Brackeys videos to supplement my learning. Nevertheless, I went from a complete beginner with C# and Unity to someone confident enough to tackle a 2D of my own. Bravo to the GameDev team!

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  2. Max M

    The main reason I chose to do this course is because when starting out, I didn’t want to jump into my own starter projects and learn as I go. I was looking for a way to get familiarized with many general topics within Unity, by coding along with practice projects, because I wanted something faster than researching on my own. This course provided as a great solution to doing the beginner practice projects. I now feel fairly comfortable to get started on my own projects knowing that I have the basics covered. Currently, I am almost finished with this course and working on the final section: laser defender. Much learned and gained experience a lot faster than if I had chosen to research and do my own set of practice projects, hence this is exactly what I was looking for.

    They only introduce a few concepts per video, so it’s never overwhelming.

    I especially liked the section on Tile Vania. Rick has made it so easy, short, but thorough.

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  3. AJ Hyman

    This new update was the perfect refresher for me to jump back into after some time away from Unity. Rick and Gary have a lot to offer in this course, if you are willing to learn. You will not remember all of the information by simply watching and blindly following along, so take time to let it settle and try not go too fast. Take your time, take notes and ask questions when you get stomped.
    Another great course from GameDev.TV! Can’t wait to move onto another of their courses!

    Shout out to Rick, Gary, Nina and all behind the scenes for doing what they do so well.

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  4. Tanvir Ahmed

    This course is perfect for someone just starting their journey of Game development. I just found the Quiz Master section (UI interface) a bit complicated, only because of the overwhelming use of variables and methods. A simple UI design with even simpler functionality may be sufficient for someone just beginning to learn. This section can come in as an intermediate course [You don’t have to take my opinion seriously, just a thought, and you know better]. Big thanks to Rick, Gary and everyone else at the team. Also, the teaching assistants were very prompt and helpful.

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  5. Manuel Bretones Nache

    Muy, muy buen curso para iniciarse. 100% recomendado. Ya he comprado más cursos de GameDevTV 🙂
    EDIT (since you’re asking for more specific feedback). I don’t mind the parts where Gary (whose accent sounds really nice to my ears btw lol) is going really fast because I have experience with other programming languages, but I can see how it would be frustrating for an absolute beginner. For example, I’m watching lesson 117. Pathfinding, where he’s just casually assuming that the student remembers that some variable should be of type List because it’s referencing a ScriptableObject that was explained one lesson ago. In contrast, Rick tries to explain why he’s doing every single thing. Just a short sentence as a reminder would make everything much clearer.
    That being said, the Q&A section is actually really helpful, which makes up for it.
    I think it’s an excellent course overall, I’m just pointing this out looking forward to new courses and updates in the future. Great stuff!

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  6. Kevin Leonardrich

    This course teaches me the basic’s functionality of C# language and Unity for 2D game. I feel that this course really teaches you the basic’s of all stuff that comes from game development and it teaches pretty thorough and well. But sometimes, the lecturer will explain something to fast to follow. Other than that, this is a pretty solid course!!

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  7. Alexander Gribius

    Section 1 (5/5) Introduction – The first instructor Rick, gives a great introduction to unity and basic features, not too much time is spent on fluff, and overall, this section helps a lot for beginner students to get familiar with the Unity interface.

    Section 2 (5/5) Delivery Driver – This is a great project to have included in the new version of the course. The challenges start easy and get slightly more challenging as you go on, and overall the quality of teaching here is incredible. By the end of this section you will have an idea of how to create a basic game with imported assets.

    Section 3 (5/5) Snow Boarder – Like section 2, this serves as a great project to further your skills in Unity and C#. Rick explains new core concepts extremely well, effeciently, and in a fun way.

    Section 4 (3/5) Quiz Game – For me this is where the course started to fall off a bit, and this is the point where a lot of students will probably struggle to continue and might give up on the course. Unfortunately, the new instructor Gary, is very quick to explain new important concepts and quickly goes over important material that could really benefit from a clearer and more detailed explanation. On the good side, the project we create serves as a good introduction to the UI system in Unity, such a shame that it is below the quality of the other sections. Overall, this feels like a glorified mediocre youtube tutorial, a rework of this section should definitely be considered.

    Section 5 (5/5) Tile Vania – This section is taught by Rick and is again of really high quality. The section introduces the student to a lot of new features and concepts to use in your code. This is done very well at a great pace which is neither too slow or too fast.

    Section 6 (4/5) Laser Defender – Overall Gary does a better job on this section than in section 4. He’s very clear about what he does using the unity interface, and he teaches the student how to finish what is probably one of the most complete projects of the course with a fancy UI, a game menu, game over screen, music, SFX, VFX, and a lot of other essential features for a space shooter. In fact, the first half of this section is easy to follow and clear, with challenges that feel challenging but doable. Unfortunately, as soon as it comes to the later coding parts, he will come with complicated multy lines of code and barely explain it. For a section that relies on making a lot of scripts, more time and care could be spent explaining the code he’s writing. The instructor talks at a good pace but glosses over the complicated parts of the code too fast or sometimes not at all. Overall, a good section, which would benifit from having a little more lectures to explain what is going on at times.

    Overall (5/5) – This is an excellent course, probably the best on the market to serve as an introduction to 2D game development on Unity. For me it was 100% worth buying over over alternatives but I do hope the instructors can look back over section 4 and 6 and improve them a little. Thank you to the team for producing a great quality course, I will definitely be looking at this company in the future for all my game development learning.

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  8. Daniele Sisto

    Un ottimo corso. Spiega in maniera chiara buona parte degli aspetti che riguardano lo sviluppo di un videogioco.
    Uniche pecche:
    Peccato che non viene dedicata almeno una leziona all’input system in merito al touch screen (quindi dispositivi mobili).
    Dovrebbe essere leggermente approfondito C#, in quanto alcune cose come gli extension method realizzare delle funzionalità extra potrebbero essere utili.

    In ogni caso è un ottimo corso.

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  9. Robert Wood

    I really appreciate the work put into this course. I bought the course a couple of years ago, but never finished; hardly started really. But decided recently that I needed to finish what I started. I’m glad I did. I learned a lot things that I’ve tried googling and never got a clear answer for. The Q&A section was helpful not just in finding that others were struggling as I was, but the help I received when I couldn’t find a solution for myself. Thank you to the team for putting this together. Now on to the 3D sister course. Thanks again!

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  10. Rishab Parmar

    Hello everyone, as someone who always dreamt of creating his own game, this course really helped me understanding the basics and fundamentals of game development and left me in a position so that I could learn and explore on my own at the end of the course. So much, I even developed and published my game “Binod’s Ridiculous Adventure” on the Google Play Store. Link here:

    Once again, thank you to the team for this course!

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  11. Tiffany Pagni

    Amazing course. Lots of good info. I feel like the courses are slightly out of order. I think the Quiz game should come right before the Laser Defender game since you are introduced to arrays and then we should immediately go into a course where we use the arrays in another way. The Platformer game was far easier by comparison so it feels like you do something really hard and then do something easy and then do something hard.

    I don’t think this course is good for an absolute beginner but I think it’s good for someone like me who already kind of knows the basics of programming (what variables are, functions, if/else statements, etc) and wants to get beyond entry level knowledge. Arrays are where I’ve been stuck for a long time and while I still didn’t quite understand arrays by the end of this course, I have been able to use the array knowledge I’ve learned here in other projects.

    I also really like the intro to the new Unity Input System. I’ve used it for almost every project since. The platformer course using the built-in tilemap was excellent and finally got me away from using Tiled2Unity.

    Overall, excellent job!

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  12. Jens Kieselbach

    First of all – buy this course if you are new into Unity and want to learn Unity from scratch, build first playable prototypes fast and develop good habits from the start! You get also access to a great and helpful community.
    BUT: this new edition comes with a lot of flaws so i would highly recommend this:
    Buy the course, scroll down to the archive and get started with the 2018 Edition (you can have multiple editions of unity on your pc so thats not a problem). Do it at least til you finished the BlockbreakerSection! Then you can come back and work through this Edition from the start and everything will make sense.
    The problems i see with this edition are a very fast paced and more superficial start than in the old edition and, it hurts to say because Gary seems like a nice guy, that not all Lessons are tought by Rick. Gary is doing coding to fast and is refactoring things you have just learned in the same Lesson you have learned them so its nearly impossible to take notes and it seems, and thats not Garys fault, that there is no connection between his Lessons and Ricks, so he is explaining things in detail you already learned and is ignoring other things which are probably new for you.

    But, as i said before, if you think about buing this course – DO IT, you’ll learn a lot and will have a lot of fun!

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    C# Unity Developer 2D Coding: Learn to Code Video Games
    C# Unity Developer 2D Coding: Learn to Code Video Games


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