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Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)

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Product is rated as #87 in category Development

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the programming language Java (if not known)
  • Develop plugins for Spigot, Paper, Bukkit or BungeeCord
  • Start with events, commands and progress to minigame and packets!
  • Best ways to earn money from Minecraft plugins (servers, selling, comissions)


Here, you will learn all about Minecraft plugins! The first tutorial is the installation and description of what you will need, and we’ll work together by starting simple and by slowly developing your plugins you will become a Java god! You will start with basic lectures, teaching you how to setup your first plugin, create commands and manage events, and then move onto more tricky aspects, such as the idea of GUIs or packets.

Whether you know Java or not, you will learn a lot from this course. I will be covering Java from basic to advanced throughout the course and it is a skill that you can carry all throughout life. When using it with Minecraft, you can create some amazing things; for instance, you could be developing for your own server, another server, or even make money from uploading your plugins online for people to purchase. At the end of this carefully constructed course you will be confident in creating plugins for Spigot, Bukkit & Bungee.

I have been dealing with Java for several years and have been working with Minecraft for the majority of those. I have developed plugins ranging from Spigot to Bungee and earned a lot of money from it. I am a natural teacher and so I can assure you that you will be in safe hands! Once you have completed the course (or even each lecture), you will be able to create your own plugins based on what you have learned.

I first released this course in 2016. It’s now 2021. I’ve been updating this for the past 5 years and have no plans to stop. Hope to see you join us and take control of your future!


Why this course?

• 100+ lectures

• 2000+ 5 star reviews & 600+ 4 star reviews

• Very generous price and still one of the best available

• Discord server with 2500+ members & dozens of experienced Support staff (who are only a ping away from helping you!) (find me @ stephen#2067)

Constantly being updated to suit API changes (covers all versions)

• ‘Best selling’ course by Udemy (quality reviewed by a human)

• Very high course rating! (average for video game category is 4.3)

• 24/7 Q&A section (every question answered)

• One purchase = lifetime access (content is always being added)

• Extra resources after each lecture for further learning

• Videos for both Windows and Mac users

• 1080p 60fps HD videos

• English captions

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Minecraft players who want to create awesome plugins!

12 reviews for Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)

4.5 out of 5
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  1. PlasmaBee Udemy

    This course taught me all I wanted to know about mineraft plugin making. The owner clearly knows what he is doing and explains everything in detail. I learned everything from simple commands to stuff like databases. I would highly recommend this course!!

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  2. kai asf

    You need to get this course.

    It’s actually quite crazy what you’re getting for the price.

    You get it for like $10 on sale, maybe $20 if its not on sale. It’s value is worth wayyy more than that. Stephen pours hours upon hours making lectures, and helping people in the Discord.

    The return on this is crazy. Spend $10 or $20. Make a plugin with what you learn and you can easily make hundreds and even thousands of dollars selling plugins you make.

    Stephen also takes time to explain things, instead of some Udemy courses where they just type a bunch of code and expect you to just copy and have no clue what’s happening. Stephen doesn’t just code plugins and you sit there and watch him and copy all his code. He teaches you what you need to know to go make your ownnn plugin. And Stephen’s just an over all, friendly guy 🙂


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  3. That One Devil

    Love this highly recommend never thought i would learn this much in such short amount of time, great staff on the discord server

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  4. Gabe Cimino

    I did not know any language before I took this course, it taught me basics of java and how to use the Spigot API, good course quality content.

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  5. Itay Yahav

    Amazing above expectations!

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  6. MegaByte

    The Java basics section has been extremely hard to follow – I’ve had to go to W3 Schools to learn the basics and I’ve had a much better experience with that. I haven’t started the Minecraft Java yet, but I’m being optimistic and hoping that that’s where everything starts making more sense

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  7. Emil Schorr

    Dieser Kurs hat mir hauptsächlich die Datenbank Programmierung eingebracht.
    Ich würde mir noch ein paar folgen zur Datenbank wünschen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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  8. Hemakesh Muddha

    i think he is quite good at explaining things in simple ways, but you should check some other sources when learning java basics as well.

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  9. Eric Hulburd

    Almost missed the plugin path for the server, otherwise good.

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  10. Thibaut De Tandt

    As I just finished watching the whole course. I can say I have learned a lot and I have improved tremendously in creating plugins. There’s are sometimes some questionable things or confusing things in the lectures but overall this is one of the best courses out there for Minecraft plugin development. Whenever I had an issue or a question, Stephen or people from this discord helped me out pretty well.

    Definitely would recommend this course.

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  11. Torben krahnstoever

    this is one of the best spiot courses out there 🙂

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  12. 42n ..

    I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of value I received for just 10 bucks. Thank you so much for teaching me and I’m sure I’ll be re-checking out your course alot throughout my journey!

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    Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)
    Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java)


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