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Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready

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What you’ll learn

  • What Unity 3D is and how to install the game engine
  • How to setup Unity 3D for app development using the required SDKs for mobile devices
  • How to navigate around each panel in Unity to feel comfortable and understand the layout
  • How to create the fundamental 3D game objects provided by Unity
  • A very basic introduction to C# coding to demonstrate how code controls objects
  • How to use the unity asset store and download FREE assets
  • How to assign an animation to a 3D character
  • How to make a Unity graphic user interface that automatically changes size to fit different screens
  • How to create a button and use it to trigger an animation
  • How to import images and use game objects for 2D level design
  • A basic look at how the physics engine affects game objects
  • How to create a 3D terrain (Ground / Land in a game)
  • How to apply textures to a Unity terrain
  • How to increase and decrease the terrain height of a Unity 3D terrain
  • How to add trees in unity
  • How to add wind and water to the Unity environment
  • How to use a first person controller to walk around your created terrain
  • How to use a particle system
  • How to update Unity software
  • How to use mobile controls to make a 3D car move
  • How to create an animated intro screen
  • How to navigate between scenes clicking an on screen button
  • How to create a start game button to load the game
  • How to quit out of the application
  • Add background music and a button to play a sound effect
  • How to export the Unity application to an Apple IOS or Android device

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If you are looking for an introductory course for the Unity 3D game engine then this is the course for you.

To have Unity 3D and a few example applications on your job profile is an enormous advantage for someone looking to work in this field or improve an existing job position internally.  Linked In recently listed Unity developer as the 6th most posted job for companies in 2018.  I’m Diego Herrera, a Unity and Augmented Reality instructor on Udemy and I’ve realised that each time I put together a new course, I tend to re-record the installation process and basics videos for each individual new course.

In order to make things easier for all students I wanted to put together this fundamentals course, so the installation process and a solid Unity foundation could be learnt in one place which I hope will be beneficial for people just like you.  Unity is an ever evolving piece of software which I try to stay on top of, if something does differ slightly along the way just ask and I’ll give you additional instruction.

In order to cater for everyone this course is aimed at absolute beginners and I do not expect any prior knowledge of the Unity 3D game engine or C# programming language.  If you are already familiar with Unity / C# and are simply looking to learn a few new things, the later videos in the course are a better place for you to start.  For everyone else, let’s have a look at what this course covers.

So What Are We Going To Actually Learn About Unity?

The unity course is broken into a few sections, the first being an explanation into what Unity 3D is and how you install it.  We look at the different licensing options and I guide you through the installation process including a few new tips on how to set Unity up using local cloud software to save your work and I also cover the new version of Unity where the Vuforia Augmented Reality software is now included.  Vuforia is not covered in the course as my other courses go into AR / Mixed Reality in more depth, however, I mention it in the installation process ensuring the package is installed ready for future use.

After installing the software I then look at each individual panel in Unity, what they are for and how they affect the scene.

I look at game objects both 3D and 2D.  How to rotate, scale and move objects in the world before we move into our first script to demonstrate how Unity objects are controlled via C# programming script.

I don’t go into advanced C# programming I simply demonstrate how basic code interacts with the game objects and give you the foundation to continue learning in your own time from that point.

We then move on into having a little fun, I show you the asset store and how we can get free 3D models and animate them in the software.  Progressing through the course onto creating a simply GUI graphic user interface to add a button to the screen and make it work.

I touch on how the Unity physics engine can effect the gravity of game objects and we have a quick look at how 2D games are made with physics to effect the game objects.

The exploration continues by moving into using a Unity 3D terrain, this is effectively the ground you walk or drive on in a game.  We look at altering the height of the terrain, adding textures and finally trees and wind.

I then look at using the first person controller to walk around the terrain we have created and see the effects of the wind up close.

We make it snow using a particle system.  Later, after a little more fun, I demonstrate how you can export the app to a mobile device for both IOS & Android.

The point of this course isn’t to make you an instant master in Unity 3D but to make you feel comfortable using the software, learn the terminology and open your eyes to app development the easy way.

I hope you have lots of fun along the way and if you enjoy my teaching manner feel free to check out my more in depth courses, just type my name into the search bar on the Udemy website,

See you in the course guys, learn lots, fun and easily 🙂


Who this course is for:

  • People with no knowledge of Unity 3D
  • People interested in 3D game development
  • People who have tried Unity but felt lost using the software
  • People looking to build apps for IOS and Android in 2018
  • People looking to add new skills to their portfolio

12 reviews for Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready

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  1. Gabriela Lucero

    Ha estado genial para mi, porque no conocía nada de Unity.
    La parte de c# es básica (se entiende mejor lo que hace si sabes un poco de programación en c#), aunque se puede seguir perfecto.

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  2. Russell Leavitt

    I appreciate his careful approach to detail and updates. Appreciate the time he takes to explain it all. Creates a nice foundation for learning more about Unity.

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  3. Reza

    The teaching method and the explanation is very good. The only challenge is that the current version of Unity that can be downloaded is 2019 which is not the version that is being taught in this course, so it takes the student’s time to match up the features shown in the videos with the reality.

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  4. Kannurao, Sudha

    good explanation

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  5. Sanjay kumar Nallabati

    Really. I have learnt a lot in this course. This course has complete overview of unity . Because of this course, I made a project that made very fruitful result in the professional career.

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  6. Mr Smith

    shouldn’t this series explain the very simple before making a fps quick build guild?

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  7. Louis Corbett

    The course was good, the trainer personally was great ,but the course included a lot of copy pasting from existing assets rather than creating things from scratch that I was hoping to see – code, controllers etc.
    It would have been nice to have the texture assets linked into the course content now that a later version of Unity is now available. It was difficult to follow along on the terrain sections now that this version of Unity is out of date.

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  8. Jacob Newman

    Very clear, descriptive tutorial its great. it is a very small bit outdated though

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  9. John Hinton

    Perfect, good pace, enthusiastic delivery

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  10. Christopher A Chavez

    Definitely keeping this course in my back pocket for a future reference! Instructor gives you a bit of a tour of Unity, how to utilize the basics, and even shows you how to upload the game you create together. Instructions are simple and easy to follow along, certain parts are a bit rushed but thats what the pause/slow down button is for. Never thought I’d interact with a game engine, but after this course, I’m actually excited to do more! Thank you Diego for the effort you put into this course! 😀
    Tip: Just be sure to use Unity 2017 when following this course! Have fun!

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  11. Morris Yuen

    Really a good introduction course. I’d like study by example and this course is covered all necessary skills with clear explanation. It’s a bit outdated but should be easily caught the difference. Look forward to other courses as good as this one.

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  12. Ariane Meschig

    The topic is explained really well and and it is quite easy to follow the course. Kudos to the speaker!
    A little unfortunate is that the Unity version is now higher and is operated somewhat differently, but this is a minor issue.

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    Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready
    Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready


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