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Java 7 Programming & Eclipse for Programmers

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What you’ll learn

  • Write stand-alone applications using the Java language and the Eclipse IDE.
  • Accurately implement Object-Oriented concepts using Java features such as classes, interfaces and references.
  • Create well-scoped classes using packages.
  • Write programs which both handle and create exceptions.
  • Read and write data using input and output streams.
  • Use the Java Collections Framework to work with groups of objects.

Course Summary

With over 200 videos and 20 hours of content, this online Java training course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Java programming and Eclipse for programmers who are already proficient in another language. Besides learning the basic structure and syntax of the language, you will also learn object-oriented principles and how they are applied in Java applications. In addition, this training course covers more advanced features of the language such as abstract classes, interfaces, generics, packages, and exception handling. Finally, you will learn two foundational API libraries: I/O streams and collections. This online training course is current to Java 7 and uses the Eclipse IDE.

If you are a complete beginner with no programming experience, please see our Learn to Program with Java for Complete Beginners courses, instead.

Hands On Learning

Unlike other online training courses, you are encouraged to actively participate in the learning experience by running example files during lectures and performing coding challenges during labs. Each lab session includes review videos so you can compare your solution to the instructor’s.

Bonus Content

This training course comes complete with working example and lab solution files as well as a link to optionally purchase the workbook used in the video at a discount.

About the Instructor

Jamie Romero is a dynamic instructor and expert Java programmer. He has taught over 350 classes to programmers from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing. Jamie’s energetic style and up-beat attitude are just what you need for an online training course.

Some recent comments about Jamie’s classes:

  • “Jamie was a great instructor. He cut through the fluff and gave us the core of what I need to start using Java right away.”
  • “Great instructor that knows the material and is enthusiastic about Java. It helped very much in getting through the course.”
  • “Jamie exhibits a mastery of the material, to such a degree that his ability to explain it is very effective. Explanations are very detailed, and presented in a very understandable way. He is an excellent instructor.”

Who this course is for:

  • This training course is designed for programmers who want to move into the Java language.

12 reviews for Java 7 Programming & Eclipse for Programmers

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Cheston b

    I’ve taken many Java classes over the years and still had trouble understanding several key concepts. In this class things are broken down and repeated by an enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching Java. I highly recommend this class as a starter to learn deeply set skills for future references.

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  2. Neelam Dwivedi

    Definitely a course to take. Everything is clearly explained. The instructor is great and quite knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to learn core java to go for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Jamie and Udemy for a great Java Course.


    Akshat Pancholi

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  3. codeCrafter Apprentice

    Great course for me even though I had only a little programming experience. Five stars. Good examples, solutions, and practice exercises with solutions.

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  4. Jason Pinlac

    Great course! I’m a university student currently seeking my bachelors of computer science. I’m taking a few courses this upcoming semester that require knowledge of Java language. This course was perfect for me as it was a my stepping stone to learning the language! I completed this course 100% and today I feel very confident in my ability to code in Java and continue learning the Java language. Also, over this past summer I had an app development internship that required me to develop daily in Java. Using this course as a reference and a solid way of practicing certain topics in Java, I was capable of understanding the oceans of code at my job and was even able to contribute to development of certain projects I had the opportunity to work on. Overall the course was great, if I have to leave come criticism I’d have to say that section 15 on I/O was a bit difficult to focus on and follow. Other than that, everything else was great. My learning was smooth and I have zero complaints! Thank you very much for the great teaching!

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  5. Sagi Richnberg

    A great course to start learning Java. I can not emphasis and stress in enouth, how important and critical is it, that Jamie – the Instructor is realy engaging and have a clearly voice . Knowledge is knowledge, either you know it or not. how to deliver it to a one, who has no clue where the sun shines(not the best analogy though) that is the problem. All i can say, for an absolute beginner, its worth it. Here and there, there are some consepts where i had to replay time and again. still do quite frankly, but so it is, when one learns new thing. Of course one should not expect to know java fluently afterwards. However it is a great course and stepping stone.

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  6. Paul Berclaz

    Very informative course. The way Jamie teaches us is really pleasant. The course gives us solid foundations to go further in learning Java. Thank you for your work.

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  7. Fausto Sarkis

    Unbelievably good, astonishingly groundbreaking in the way Jamie makes use of didactics in a very humoured, smooth and light mood, while being the most enthusiastic IT teacher I’ve ever had the opportinuty to learn with. Been a programmer myself more than 16 plus years. Although Java was one of the very first languages I managed to start working with, I prematurely switched to other languages (PHP, Javascript, VB, PL/SQL, little of C# and more recently Python enthusiast) and have never been able to quite grasp OOP in practice properly which I refferred to “Java’s way of thinking”.
    Jamie, I used your course in the hope to overcome and address my handicaps and ultimately, you brought me new airs with it.
    Definetely, I will look for your course on other more recent frameworks related to Java, like Spring and EE related knowledge.
    I am not a native born english speaker, while I worked with teams and stakeholders abroad. Having the opportunity to be taught by someone with this perfect and cristal clear pronunciation even allowed me to increase video speed to 1.5x, without struggling with difficult accents (you Rock!)

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    Courses are explained very clear and very well organized!

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  9. Ivonne Aspilcueta

    Really good explaining the basics and Beyond!

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  10. Nathan Hagemann

    Fantastic hands-on course. Thank you Jaime!

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  11. Sharif Rakhimov

    i dont know yet, just started

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  12. Dmitry P

    quality of the video on some cases doesn’t allow to enjoy the course, nevertheless the way let’s say “the teacher is teaching” isn’t easy for understanding in my case

    and yes, Java 7. Already obsolete thing on market.
    Nevertheless this course has good explanation of theory.

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    Java 7 Programming & Eclipse for Programmers
    Java 7 Programming & Eclipse for Programmers


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