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Java Streams API Developer Guide

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What you’ll learn

  • Functional Programming
  • Know how to use Java Streams API
  • Understand the benefits Streams have to offer
  • Know how to use concrete > abstraction > concrete pattern
  • Gather stats from datasets
  • Deliver more features instead of focusing how to make code that works right.
  • Use streams to perform transformations using stream().map(…)
  • Learn awesome IDEA features

Java 8 brought a lot great new features to the table. A lot people say, the community was late in bringing these features, but what often people dont realise is that brought these new features late but what they did exceptionally well was to implement them better than anyone and give us developers a wonder API to use, and one of the them was the Stream API.

Before Java we wrote a lot code for simple logic and yet we could get it wrong very easily. Well this is not the case with Java 8 in particulate with Streams. With Streams we focus on coding and deliver what we indent rather than thinking of how we are going to code the logic to do what we intend. Streams focuses on the ALL instead of the PARTS. Streams not only focuses on the ALL but it also allows us to write functional style programming, and this is what makes Streams and the  Java programming language very attractive to developers.

This course is packed with awesome sections that will take you the journey from from zero to hero. You will learn and understand what I call the

concrete > abstraction > concrete phase 

and once you grasp this concept we will dive into the abstraction phase and learn awesome features such as

  • Map
  • Filter
  • Flatmap
  • Reduce
  • Average
  • Sum
  • Min
  • Difference between intermediate & terminal operations
  • And much more

Finally at the end of this course I will teach how streams work internally, their order of execution and the performance benefits they have to offer.

The best way to learn any concept is to learn and practice as you go along. So, I packed this course with plenty of exercise for you to challenge your to ensure you learn and start using functional programming with stream moving forward in you career as a Java software engineer.

I cant wait to see you inside.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Java Streams
  • Anyone who wants to learn Functional Programming
  • Anyone who wants to write less code and deliver more
  • Anyone who knows some Java. Beginners are very welcome
  • Any want who wants to improve their Java skills

12 reviews for Java Streams API Developer Guide

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Puneet Verma

    Course was specifically meant for Streams but yet it touched the topic at very basic level. Even the examples were pretty simple. Was expecting more detailed explanations on topics like reduce, flatmap and parallel streams.

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  2. Luis Alberto Reyes Tecampo

    In this course, I learned how to write less code with Streams and understood the concepts and constructors that facilitate this
    The same process that without Streams I could write more code to get the same result

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  3. Brenda Trejo

    This course is a great introduction to Java streams. I’ve worked with streams a bunch so i didn’t learn anything new but section 13 was nice to watch because it gave the background logic for streams.

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  4. Mohamed Ahmed

    Very minimalistic. Not much learnt from the course.
    One might think for a beginner this would be useful but for such a specialized topic, the instructor barely touched the surface.
    Instructor focuses on how to do stream operations in to achieve simple goals but doesn’t explain the concepts well. This makes it difficult for students to apply these operations on complex cases.
    A total waste of time, very disappointed.
    I am a follower of this guy channel in youtube. I know he can do better.

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  5. Solleti Hemalatha

    Impressed with course content and also way of presentation. Thank you

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  6. Hakan Güneşer

    its an amazing course, sometime I’m come back to remember some operations.
    Teachers language is so clean. It’s definetaly deserve 5 stars.

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  7. Jose Manuel de Dios Martín

    Excepcional, muchísima claridad en las explicaciones y los ejercicios.

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  8. David Tampier

    This course does not even explain some of the fundamental concepts very clearly and then goes through a bunch of functions that you can use with streams with very simplistic examples. All of this could be read from the documentation pretty quickly. There is almost no added value whatsoever.

    Honestly, I am shocked that this course gets 4.5 stars; there must be some severe amount of fake users giving reviews, or I don’t get it. I would not recommend it to anyone. Maybe more suitable for beginners, but I would look for something that explains some of the fundamental concepts like declarative and functional programming more clearly.

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  9. Philipp Wyss

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Kurs – Kursafbau, verständliche Lektionen, Übungen.
    Bis jetzt sehr gut!

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  10. Keerthi Kumar

    This is a wonderful course to learn Java 8 streams.
    crisp and precise content to learn and familiarize.
    Go for it.

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  11. Udinei da Silva

    Show!! Very good! I recommend, focused course, great didactic teacher!! Congratulations!!

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  12. Gaurav Sharma

    The Course is good but it could be more elaborative in terms of more content and quizzes also in each sections or coding challenges.


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    Java Streams API Developer Guide
    Java Streams API Developer Guide


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