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JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn JavaScript from scratch and in great detail – from beginner to advanced
  • All core features and concepts you need to know in modern JavaScript development
  • Everything you need to become a JavaScript expert and apply for JavaScript jobs
  • Project-driven learning with plenty of examples
  • All about variables, functions, objects and arrays
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Deep dives into prototypes, JavaScript engines & how it works behind the scenes
  • Manipulating web pages (= the DOM) with JavaScript
  • Event handling, asynchronous coding and Http requests
  • Meta-programming, performance optimization, memory leak busting
  • Testing, security and deployment
  • And so much more!

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Join the most comprehensive and in-depth JavaScript course on Udemy and learn JavaScript from the ground up, in great detail with this bestselling course!

JavaScript is THE most important programming language you need to learn as a web developer – and with this course, you make sure that you will not miss a single thing you have to know as a JavaScript developer!

This is the most comprehensive and modern course you can find on JavaScript – it’s based on all my JavaScript knowledge AND teaching experience. It’s both a complete guide, starting with the core basics of the language, as well as an extensive reference of the JavaScript language and environment, ensuring that both newcomers as well as experienced JavaScript developers get a lot out of this course!

It’s a huge course because it’s packed with important knowledge and helpful content. From the core basics, over advanced concepts and JavaScript specialties, all the way up to expert topics like performance optimization and testing – this course has it all. My goal was to create your go-to resource for the JavaScript language, which you can not just use for learning it but also as a resource you can come back to and look up important topics.

The course is based on my experience as a long-term JavaScript developer as well as a teacher with more than 1,500,000 students on Udemy as well as on my YouTube channel Academind. It’s packed with examples, demos, projects, assignments, quizzes and of course videos – all with the goal of giving you the best possible way of learning JavaScript.

What’s in the course?

This course is obviously packed with content – I therefore strongly recommend that you check out the full course curriculum to get a clear idea of all the topics covered in the course. In general, here’s what you’ll find in the course:

  • Modern JavaScript from the start: The JavaScript syntax changed over time – in this course, you’ll learn the latest syntax from the start (you’ll also learn about the old one though, so that you can work in ANY JS project)
  • ALL the Basics: Variables, constants, functions, how scripts are loaded etc
  • Arrays & Objects: We’ll explore these very important data structures in great detail
  • Control Structures: Understand how to run code conditionally and in loops
  • A look behind the Scenes: How JavaScript engines work behind the scenes and what that means for us
  • Deep dives into Core Concepts: ALL the special things about JavaScript function, different syntaxes
  • Working with the DOM: How to manipulate web pages dynamically via JavaScript (including deep dives and different use-cases)
  • Events in JavaScript: Learn how to listen to a broad variety of events (e.g. drag & drop) and execute appropriate code
  • Classes & Object-oriented Programming: Learn how to work with classes, prototypes, the “this” keyword, constructor functions and much more
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Programming: We’ll explore callbacks, promises, async/ await and other important tools and language features to execute code correctly
  • Http Requests: Learn how to send Http requests via JavaScript
  • Tooling, Optimizations & Browser Support: Code splitting, producing small code and ensuring that scripts work in all browsers  – this matters and hence is covered in great detail
  • Libraries & Frameworks: Learn about libraries like Axios or frameworks like React.js – why they matter and how to use them
  • Node.js: Whilst focusing on the browser-side for the majority of the course (because the syntax is the same), we’ll also have a dedicated section on Node.js to learn all about that JS host environment
  • Security & Performance Optimizations: Of course security matters, so does performance – no surprise that both is covered in the course!
  • Automated Testing: Testing manually is hard work and can be unreliable – in this course you’ll also get an introduction into automated testing

What are the course prerequisites?

  • NO JavaScript knowledge is required – you’ll learn it from scratch!
  • You also need NO programming experience other than basic web development knowledge (e.g. how the web works)
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is recommended but not a must-have

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web development students who have no or only little JavaScript experience
  • Also developers who know the basics about JavaScript and want to deepen their knowledge
  • Advanced JavaScript developers who want to learn more about the nitty-gritty details and dive into advanced concepts
  • Everyone interested in learning JavaScript and all about how it works

12 reviews for JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)

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  1. Christopher Adolphe

    This course has really helped me to improve my JavaScript skill. I now have a better understanding of concepts like the DOM, HTTP request, Object-Oriented Programming etc. It is definitely a lengthy course and it cannot be otherwise as it covers a lot of topics. So I went through it at my own pace and it was 100% worth the time and investment. Thank you Maximilian!

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  2. Abhishek Kasera

    The comprehensive course covers all the detail of JavaScript in detail.
    Thanks max, the way you teach is awesome

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  3. Yevgenya Manukyan

    Maximilian, thank you for this great course. The deep, meticulous explanations and the coverage of topics makes this course irreplaceable if you want to study JavaScript inside out.

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  4. Michael Schneider

    Großartiger Kurs! Sehr umfangreich und ausführlich. Von den Grundlagen bis hin zu den fortgeschrittenen Themen wird alles sehr klar und verständlich erklärt. Ich kann den Kurs allen, die sich für JavaScript interessieren, nur wärmstens empfehlen.

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  5. Edward Garcia

    Everything has been nice until now, almost every concept I learn here is helping me someway in my current job. Right now javascript doesn’t scares me like it did before and i’m really thankful for it.

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  6. Hampus Nilsson

    I found this course very rewarding and fun to follow along.
    Great explanations with alot of information to sort through, I would probably recommend anyone going through this course to do so and then go back to sections when coding yourself to make it stick even better.

    Thanks to Maximillian for some awesome content!

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  7. Stanislav Ivanov

    Excellent course. In my opinion there is a little bit more then needed about developing front-end with vanilla JS but otherwise it was interesting.

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  8. Piet Chavalala

    Instructor gives very good theoretical explanation of concepts. start from basic to advances.

    for someone whos a bit slow to grasp concept and push them selves a bit to think then she/he might be lost examples used(code) as they’re a bit complex however they make one to be strong confident after going through them.

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  9. Dave Schoepel

    Comprehensive, well organized, builds upon prior learning. Well worth the time investment. Only one suggestion; include more practice Assignments.

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  10. zauche81 .

    A really great course !!! 🙂

    POAHH !! … This course is fully packed with information. Extracting every bit of detail took me for sure 200+ hours of this 52h course.
    (which I directly transfered into an excel file as an easy lookup solution)

    Maximilian Schwarzmüller is a brilliant teacher, who directly answers your questions before they event came to your mind.

    I already did his CSS course and bought now several other courses of him, with which I go on now in the following order:
    – React JS
    – Node JS
    (maybe TypeScript in between)
    – ReactNative

    Thanks Max for your great style of teaching !! 🙂

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  11. Youssef

    The course is very informative and really well structures, 10/10 would recommend.

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  12. Leoni Angela

    Thanks max, materials explained very well and detailed! this course is recommended to buy

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    JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)
    JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)


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