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Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch

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What you’ll learn

  • The JavaScript language itself
  • How to control a database (MongoDB) with JavaScript
  • How to control the Web Browser with JavaScript
  • How to implement user registration, log-in, log-out & user generated content
  • How to setup a server by using Node JS and Express

Learn the incredibly popular and in demand JavaScript language. This course makes no assumptions of prior computer programming experience. We begin with the very basics and slowly but surely work our way up to writing JavaScript code to power every aspect of an application.

There are countless JavaScript courses in the world; here’s what makes this one unique:

  • A strong emphasis on the “why” and not just the “how”
  • As few assumptions as possible; it’s a pet peeve of mine when instructors assume I know something I don’t
  • As few “just download my existing project to get you up and running” moments as possible. It’s another pet peeve of mine when instructors have you use an existing solution that just “automagically” works and you miss a potential learning experience of setting it up yourself.  We do copy-and-paste HTML templates (since the focus of the course is not about HTML) but aside from that I explain things from the ground up.

Here’s what we’ll learn in the course:

  • The JavaScript language itself
  • The Web Browser Environment
  • The Node.js environment
  • The MongoDB environment
  • The Express framework for creating servers
  • User registration & user-generated content
  • Authentication (both stateful with sessions and stateless with JSON Web Tokens)
  • … and much more!

I encourage you to watch the freely available first lesson titled “Where Do We Begin?” to get a better feel for the course.

This course may be brand new, but this isn’t my first time teaching. I’ve led training sessions for Fortune 500 companies and I’ve already helped over 65,000 people on Udemy and received the following feedback:

“Brad definitely has some of the best techniques to embed the lesson into your mind… hands down these are the best tutorials I have had the opportunity to view.”

“Presentation is concise without being tedious… you honestly feel that you have a thorough understanding of the subject.”

“…[Brad] explained the process. Not memorize this or that, he explained the process. If you’re looking to take a course to understand the foundations of creating websites, look no further.”

Become highly valuable and relevant to the companies that are hiring JavaScript developers; in one convenient place alongside one instructor. If you’re ready to begin coding your own applications from the ground up – I’ll see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who might be interested in starting a career in computer programming (no experience required).

12 reviews for Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Dave He

    Good learning experience, great instructor. I need to practice the material that I learned in the course. This course, just like many courses, get you familiar with the tools but you will take time to use it before you can really learn it.

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  2. Nitish

    Very Clearly explained. I recommend everyone to go through this course.

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  3. Erik Lagoni

    Thank you very much Brad Schiff for your excellent courses and tutorials.

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  4. Andy Feetenby

    Brad obviously has a great deal of experience, and I personally appreciate his willingness to share and guide through the development of the apps.

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  5. Ted Weddell

    I have to admit, it’s the finished files. While Brad is a fantastic teacher and the course overall is very well planned out and actually quite fun, what puts this course over the top is that he provides ‘all’ the finished files with every lesson. Getting stuck is really discouraging. The Q&A is okay in a pinch, but having the files right there so I can get back on track is immensely helpful. I wish more educators would do this. There is no rule that education has to be difficult. Thank you, Brad! ??‍? ??

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  6. Evan Orion Peterson

    I took the html CSS webdev from Brad and I am glad I am practicing JavaScript with Brad again. I like the progression and the holistic approach to learning this materal so far.
    I would say to improve they could go over what the industry uses for its coding certificates. Maybe explain how the coding bootcamps and university and the online education intersect, and what we can use from this course to leverage better value in ourselves and what the world needs from programmers.
    I will try and report back again at the end and perhaps 1/3 of the way in I dont know the exact way the ratings are prompted.
    Thank you for the course.
    I did have to research a bit extra on filesytems and re-adjust how and where I was saving my files for the app. I think it was helpful to do the exercise of making the app again. I also like your style of building complexity , but not underestimating what people can learn. I do have background in programming so I might not be the best measurement, but from that reference I like your teaching style alot.

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  7. Michael O Grady

    Expertly written, and well corerographed course, Brad is an excellent teacher.
    Got especially good towards the middle and as it went onwards.
    Source code provided after each video section which is something you won’t appreciate until you run into errors, hugely useful in finding the your errors yourself and the underlying reasons.
    Loved the socket chat, live validation, and API elements of the course. Everything industry standard with great attention to detail and the last video was particularly lovely.
    Especially brilliant course as Brad is very descriptive with his explanations giving a true in depth understanding behind what you are doing and why, as he describes the course, this is completely accurate. Thanks Brad! Can’t wait to see what you have coming next! Fully recommended

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  8. Kanta Azuma

    This course is really simple and easy to understand. I had a little bit knowledge of rails and my understanding to MVC or other backend skills became deeper. However, I wanted to learn JS for front-end and so I would not recommend the course for people who are learning JS for front-end.

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  9. Abhishek Rawat

    Very good and informing course. It helps to understand complete picture of full stack javascript from frontend, backend to database.

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  10. Alexander Cormack

    A really good course which I was easily able to follow. The only issues with errors was where when I made spelling or syntax errors.

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  11. Mark Dave Marquez

    Out of all the instructor courses that I’ve take, I think Brad has a way for me to understand things easily. Making complex things more simple to digest. For those who are reading this review, Don’t hesitate to buy this course. It’s worth your money trust me!

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  12. Nwobodo Eric

    Hi Brad! You Are Super Wonderful.


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    Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch
    Learn JavaScript: Full-Stack from Scratch


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