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Learn To Create A Roguelike Game In Unity

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn C#, a modern versatile programming language.
  • Understand the capabilities of 2D development in Unity.
  • Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills.
  • Gain an understanding of the game development process.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.

Learn how to create and program your very own Roguelike Dungeon Crawling game using Unity, an industry-standard game development program used by large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.

In this course you won’t just be learning programming concepts, but tying these concepts to real game development uses. You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss the topics covered in the course as well as the next steps to take once the course is complete.

This course has been designed to be easily understandable to everyone, so whether you’re a complete beginner, an artist looking to expand their game development range or a programmer interested in understanding game design, this course will help you gain a greater understanding of development.

At the end of this course you will have developed the ability to create such game elements as:

  • Full top-down character movement with Dashing
  • Generating Procedural Levels
  • Full Weapon Collection & Switching System
  • Enemies with different movement and firing patterns
  • Multiple Characters & Character Switching
  • Shooting System
  • Complete Health System
  • Creating tile-based maps in Unity
  • Shop system
  • In-Game Maps
  • Boss Battles
  • And more!…


Start learning today and let me help you become a game developer!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make their own 2D games.
  • People who want to create and publish their own games.
  • Complete beginners with an interest in learning game development.
  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game development.
  • People interested in working in the game design industy.
  • Competent and confident with using a computer.

12 reviews for Learn To Create A Roguelike Game In Unity

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Niko Korhonen

    Could be better, but has picked up some steam from the start of the course. The start felt very clumsy.

    It would be very vital that the instructor would give even some sort of feedback at some point during the course, there are probably multiple questions people could come up with about how to make a small change to their own game.

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  2. Nikola Vetnic

    Although I am not a beginner programmer I am a beginner in Unity. This course really helped me familiarize myself with the editor and C# concepts (up to now I’ve mostly been writing Java), but more than that I was impressed by how inspiring the course is. In each chapter there was an ‘a-ha’ moment immediately followed by an idea of how I could develop a certain concept or a feature further (the one I’m most happy with is a health-reducing crowd control attack that tracks which enemies are in the vicinity of the player to damage them), so even though the developed game is basically the Dungeon Gunner most of the people here created, I am that much more proud for those little details I introduce because for those I can really call this one my first game.

    I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn Unity or even programming as everything written in C# here is pretty basic and I’m sure anyone with little to no experience can handle it without a problem.

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  3. Robert Brozewicz

    Everything very well explained with the best pace as I feel. At the moment I have a little functioning game. It is still the middle of the course and many things to go through but now I can actually say something about my experience. Tilemaps, collisions, interactions using tags, layers and logic work well and all is easy to understand. I like that I have music and sound effects in place, which gives a nice fullbodied touch to the course. Many courses tend to ignore this although it does not save lots of time and adding those on your own may sidetrack from the course. So here all is well blended. I am still looking forward to AI, money system and procedural maps generation, mini map and so on.. Enjoying it ..

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  4. Nokotsos

    A good course overall. It doesn’t use the new input system and the level generator has a lot of work and that you get confused easily. Covers most of the basics mechanics

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  5. Jeff Campbell

    Delivered on everything I wanted out of this course. I really appreciated the section on random level generation which was clear enough for me to understand (and modify). Great course!

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  6. Vernon Joyce

    Great course, lots of fun.

    My only comment is that I felt at times that I wish better programming practices were applied and perhaps a section on planning might be useful.

    I know the point is to teach Unity not C# but as someone that doesn’t know C# I felt like it was missing.

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  7. Sergio Mauwad Golbert

    Learned a lot, but the course was a bit confusing in how it jumped around some topics. Also, I expected some more variety of weapon types, like adding a laser weapon, for example. And I already knew that this wasn’t going to be covered in the course, but I think it would be really interesting if it showed how to create power ups that add more properties to the bullets, since this is pretty common among roguelike shooters.

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  8. Danny Boy

    I’m learning making games after my long and exhausting office hours. I like the structure of the course and the way it’s lectured. Calm and decent manner, not overly hyped and exited as in some other courses. All the aspects are described nicely and easily. I like the pace of the whole course. I definitely recommend.

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  9. Emre Varol

    This guy is perfect at teaching!

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  10. M Di

    The content is good, but the way of coding is rather weird. The official Unity tutorials, although outdated, do a much better job at writing the scripts.
    I am a decent programmer so I could avoid some of the idiosyncrasies, but less experienced people should be made aware of the many non optimal coding practices.

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  11. 51n1 uk

    This is a good course for learning Unity 2D game development. I could make with Unity 2021.3.

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  12. Allen Moon

    Took me awhile but was worth the wait, very informative and jump starts the designing juices.

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    Learn To Create A Roguelike Game In Unity
    Learn To Create A Roguelike Game In Unity


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