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Learn to make an Awesome Builder-Defender game in Unity!

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn from a Professional Indie Game Developer
  • Learn how to make a City Builder, Tower Defense, RTS, Village Simulator, etc
  • Students will learn how to make a complete game from start to finish
  • Learn how to structure a codebase using Clean Code principles
  • Learn the basics of Shader Graph, Particle System, UI, Scriptable Objects, etc

Hello and Welcome!

I’m your Code Monkey and in THIS course you will learn step-by-step how to make a Builder-Defender game.

The design is sort of a mix between a City Builder and a Tower Defense game so if either of those genres are something you’re interested in then this course is just for you!

With the knowledge you will learn from this course you will be able to make City Builders, RTSs, Tower Defense games, Tycoons, Village simulators and much more.


About me, I’m a Professional Indie Game Developer with several successful games published on Steam covering a wide range of genres, I’ve been Programming for over 20 years and using Unity for almost 10.

Also a couple of years ago I started a YouTube channel making Free Video Tutorials to share the knowledge I have accumulated to help you learn how to make YOUR OWN games.

If you’d like to try out my learning style before purchasing the course you can watch the over 300 Videos available for Free on the YouTube channel.

They are presented as clear step-by-step tutorials just like this course.


A bit more about the game…

It’s a really interesting mix between a City-Builder and Tower-Defense game.

The player has the ability to place buildings and those buildings gather resources.

There’s three starting resource types, Wood, Stone and Gold, although everything is set up in such a way that you can easily add more Resource Types.

The Resource Generation is based on proximity so a Wood Harvester needs to be placed near Trees in order to gather Wood.

The Buildings take some time to be Constructed and it shows that progress with a nice visual element and a really awesome Shader effect.

Then we also have some Enemies, they are simple but still look great.

Our HQ can defend itself by shooting arrows and we can also place Towers to add more defenses.

Over time more and more enemies will be spawned until the player can’t take it anymore.


So its all about Placing Buildings, Gathering Resources, Placing more Buildings and Defending your HQ for as long as you can.


The whole game has tons of effects and lots of awesome features. You can see some cool shaders, glow, screenshake, post processing, tooltip, lots of UI elements, smooth camera, particles and so on. The final game plays really great and feels very satisfying.

This course starts with a completely empty project starting completely from scratch and step-by-step we will get to the final game.

Everything is built in a very clean and modular way so you can easily take this as a base and expand upon it with more Building Types, Enemies, Maps and so on.



This course is presented as a thorough step-by-step guide where I will show you exactly how to do what I’m doing and why it is that I’m doing it so you can learn how to think like a game developer.


This course will cover a bunch of topics including:

  • How to create a Building System
  • Handle Building construction and Resource spending
  • Also how to manage Resource Generation
  • Handle Enemy AI with Attack Logic and a Health System
  • Build up the World with Resources in specific places
  • Learn the basics of Unity tools like Shader Graph, Post Processing, Particle System…
  • And much much more!


As for requirements you really just need to know the absolute basics of Unity and C#.

If you’ve never touched Unity or C# before then there are two lectures in the extras section which cover the basics

If you know, how Unity works, what are Game Objects and Components, what is MonoBehaviour and basic C# syntax then you should be able to follow everything without any issues.


If you feel confused or lost at any point in the course make sure you post your questions in the Q&A section

I will be there to help with whatever issues you may have


Alright so go ahead join me on the course and lets build this awesome game together!

– Code Monkey

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to make a complete game
  • Advanced users who want to see how a Professional Indie Game Developer structures a game
  • People who want to make a Tower Defense game
  • People who want to make a City Builder game
  • Anyone interested in improving their Game Development skills
  • Anyone interested in learning from a Professional Indie Game Developer

12 reviews for Learn to make an Awesome Builder-Defender game in Unity!

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Dragan Stojiljkovic

    A delightful course made in such a clear and casual manner, but packed with GameDev pearls and programming Easter Eggs. One can easily get fooled by its rather casual title, but this is NOT your random trivial make a tower defense game walk-through! It’s a serious eye-opening lecture on good practices of programming and game architecture. One you always come back to for reference.

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  2. Nik Nak

    It’s a great course and very dense with info and good coding practices. It has several intermediate and some advanced codes, unity features, and mechanics that is rarely seen in other tutorials. Absolutely worth it!

    My only critique is that the pacing of the course picks up REALLY fast, by the time you reach Lecture 15 or so (and especially Lectures 25+), the skips and video speed ups occur more often making it a bit frustrating to follow. The explanations are more brief, so you will need to do some research on your own.

    Overall, I’ve purchased all of the Instructors course and have not been disappointed. Hopefully he continues to make more, but take out those skips and fast forwards (as many other here has mentioned).

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  3. Jiwoon Gim

    It’s a Lit. If the learner whose coding level is low or intermediate like ME faced this course, then It’s PERFECT for them. It shows the right answers for constructing the base structures for game coding.

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  4. Christoph Starke

    With the current (17/Feb/22) implementation shown in this course, there is a bug with the camera once the cinemachine camera is confined, as the CameraHandler is not confined, it can move outside the camera’s view leading to weird behaviour at the border of the map. I think it would’ve been better to make the CameraHandler a child of the Camera and then set it’s position relative to the Camera according to the Input directly instead of moving the object in world space.
    transform.position = moveDir * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
    instead of
    transform.position += moveDir * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime;

    Besides that I think it’s a great course and I would recommend it.

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  5. Michael Heinrichs

    Code Monkey has an awesome course. It is amazing at showing me how to keep my data and logic separated. It covers a lot of the Unity Features and how to best use them. I would recommend this course hands down to anyone who wants to learn how to build games in Unity.

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  6. Greg Reese

    A beautifully assembled grab-bag of Unity concepts coupled with a treasure trove of genre specific use-cases that gave me the confidence to pursue a design of my own.

    That said, I would not recommend this course to those who are complete beginners to Unity and C#. While it excels at showcasing a wide variety of tools foundational to Builder Defender games, it does not necessarily explain each step in a way a complete novice can fully understand. Familiarize yourself with the basics and then use this course to further hone your skills in the Builder/TowerDefense genre.

    The few criticisms I have of the course are simply presentation quibbles. Learning new things can be stressful and, as such, limiting lessons to 10 -12 min would make them more approachable and contained. Some of the more challenging lessons can broach the 30 min mark, which I found made the information presented more difficult to fully absorb. The presenter also moves very quickly, often typing at mach speed; and while I found these elements frustrating at times, this approach does allow for more information to be presented than one that would hold your hand through each new line of code.

    The only addition I would love to see in future courses would be lesson-specific challenges to the student. Times where the teacher would dole out just enough information for the student to give the next bit of code a try themselves, before having the teacher step back in to go through the process in full detail.

    Overall, I found the course to be challenging, well-conceived, and made up of an impressively holistic collection of lessons that ultimately lead the student to a fulfilling conclusion.

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  7. Emmanuel Tjoe-A-Long

    This is a really great course and packed with a lot of information. From design to coding to polishing, I was able to learn what it takes to make a really great game.

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  8. Goudmu

    I like when codemonkey just explain what it’s needed. So, my time to watch his video are worth

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  9. Raghuvansh Agarwal

    Best Course to get efficient in unity, but requires basics of unity which you can easily learn via youtube and then hop into this course to see how clean code is written, over all loved it

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  10. David Hart

    I cannot say enough how happy I am that I took this course! Unity Code Monkey has an easy and effective style of communication. Every video in this course is produced to a very high standard of quality. He concisely conveys the key information and provides context to help learners understand why certain choices are made over others. The content is comprehensive and organized to facilitate the learning curve of a novice game developer/programmer. The lessons learned are useful well beyond the genre of game that is presented. I also found the extras useful, as well as the treasury of information available for free on Unity Code Monkey’s site. Three cheers!

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  11. Rafał Siwierski

    Great course!, it’s contains interesting ideas for tower defence game. It’s nice that author is using more advanced techniques like scriptable objects or making their own shaders. I think that in the course we are using to many singletons. Also I would like to see using Addressables instead of Resources. It’s was a fun, I’m waiting for next courses!

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  12. Snedden Gonsalves

    brand new to unity, learning a lot , I come from a programming background so its kinda easy to follow , though I can see how things might be a little too implied to non programmers

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    Learn to make an Awesome Builder-Defender game in Unity!
    Learn to make an Awesome Builder-Defender game in Unity!


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