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NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development

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What you’ll learn

  • Becoming familiar with the NestJS framework and its components
  • Designing and developing REST APIs performing CRUD operations
  • Authentication and Authorization for back-end applications
  • Using TypeORM for database interaction
  • Security best practices, password hashing and storing sensitive information
  • Persisting data using a database
  • Deploying back-end applications at a production-ready state to Amazon Web Services
  • Writing clean, maintainable code in-line with industry standards
  • Utilising the NestJS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Using Postman for testing back-end services
  • Using pgAdmin as an interface tool to manage PostgreSQL databases
  • Implement efficient logging in a back-end application
  • Environment-based configuration management and environment variables
  • Implementing data validation and using Pipes
  • Guarding endpoints for authorized users using Guards
  • Modelling entities for the persistence layer
  • TypeScript best practices
  • Handling asynchronous operations using async-await
  • Using Data Transfer Objects (DTO)
  • Hands-on experience with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Unit testing NestJS applications
  • Using GraphQL with NestJS
  • Database persistence with MongoDB

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NestJS is a Node.js back-end development framework built upon Express, leveraging the power of TypeScript.

NestJS leverages the incredible popularity and robustness of JavaScript as a language and Node.js as a technology. It is inspired by common libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue which improve developer productivity and experience.

Even considering the amount of superb libraries, helpers and tools that exist for server-side Node.js, none of them effectively solve the main problem – the architecture of an application.

NestJS provides an out-of-the-box application architecture which allows developers and teams to create highly testable, scalable, loosely coupled and easily maintainable applications.


Recently, the NestJS framework is gaining extreme popularity due to its incredible features;

  • Leverages TypeScript – strongly typed language which is a super-set of JavaScript
  • Simple to use, easy to learn and easy to master
  • Powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) tool that boosts productivity and ease of development
  • Detailed, well-maintained documentation
  • Active codebase development and maintenance
  • Open-source (MIT license)
  • Supports dozens nest-specific modules that help you easily integrate with common technologies and concepts such as TypeORM, Mongoose, GraphQL, Logging, Validation, Caching, Websockets and much more
  • Easy of unit-testing applications
  • Made for Monoliths and Micro-services (entire section in the documentation regarding the Microservice type of a NestJS application, as well as techniques and recipes).

In this course I am going to guide you through the process of planning, developing and deploying a fully-featured back-end application, based on my experience developing and maintaining systems that support dozens of millions of concurrent users at scale.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate JavaScript developers who want to dive into back-end development
  • Any developers willing to apply TypeScript on the back-end
  • Developers eager to learn how to develop performant, secure and production-ready REST APIs following best practices
  • Developers who want to learn how to deploy their application to the cloud (Amazon Web Services)
  • Developers who want to follow building a practical, real-world application from zero to production

12 reviews for NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development

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  1. Sebastián Felipe Torres Garfe

    Great course! Every section is divided very well, with useful information. Everything is up to date, I just completed this course and didn’t have any issue with new packages.

    As a feedback, during the course itself, there is a bug that is fixed later on the sections, I think it is necessary to write a note after that chapter or just communicate that there is a bug in there and will be solved later, just to know it in that moment. In specific, this bug was the one related with the necessary parenthesis to make the SQL query with malfunction in the boolean searching logic.

    I’d like to add one more thing. I think the unit tests section was very fundamental. It’s kind of hard to find good courses with unit tests and I think you did well having added that piece in the puzzle, because sometimes testing consumes more time that the real functionality itself and have a background here, during this course, it was like a shortcut and time saving, at least to me.

    I will give you 5 stars, because in general it was very good, I have taken a lot of courses and this one was fantastic. You explained complex things, and make it appeared like there are easy. Well structured, nothing to say. Just great!

    Thanks for everything, I will check this course for new updates!


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  2. José Manuel Sánchez Martín

    La traducción no es buena y luego la respuestas a las preguntas no se atienden con fluidez, por lo demás, el curso esta muy bien, tal vez en la sección de graphQL habría hecho la sección un poco mejor incluyendo más cosas o haciendo otra sección con una introducción a graphQL más extendida. Pero vuelvo a repetir esto es una opinión y el curso esta muy bien.

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  3. Reshmi

    Concise and Well Taught

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  4. Agus Suhendra

    Great quality. the example of code can be little bit more complex to make it perfect. Overall great experience.

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  5. Mircea Bratu

    The instructor assumes we know all of everything, by saying “it’s not an X course” and omits key details like how to run postgres on docker. Really disappointed.

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  6. Leonardo Velasquez

    Muy buen curso y muy bien explicado, enseña lo básico y mas de lo que se debe saber para empezar a trabajar con esta herramienta, lo único malo es que hace tiempo que no se actualiza y con versiones mas nuevas de las librerías no funcionan algunas cosas igual, se puede solucionar en dado caso o simplemente usar las versiones del curso y todo funciona de maravilla, espero lo siga actualizando en el futuro y añadiendo mas contenido.

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  7. Smo Lution

    Very good course. Found only one negative in GraphQL bonus: Course uses old typeORM version, which functionality with mongoDB was deprecated (and removed). Due to that you have to look for another tools to be up-to-date (use realtional DB instead of mongoDB or mongoose instead of typeORM…or use older versions).
    Thanks for lessons!

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  8. Alexandre Cortines Sodré

    O curso abrange e informa as questões principais, além de possuir legenda em vários idiomas.

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  9. Marco Antonio Nunes da Cunha de Arruda

    Great course and very good examples to demonstrate the concepts of the framework

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  10. Damjan Pantic

    Too basic, showed just bare minimum and on course it says that course is for all levels. Me as a slightly more experienced programmer was bored.

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  11. Imam Taufik

    This course very helpful for me, teach me a lot of thing for starting my new project using nestjs framework. I currently work with small team using Laravel and Vue Js, so those has a different language. Since Vue launch v.3 , i try to manage how both backend and frontend work with same language which is TypeScript, so we can share a lot of case and share resources, when other idle.

    The only thing is not catered in the course is only the microservices part using nestjs, maybe a bit fundamental or example will make this course perfect!

    Thanks Ariel, i have so much appreciation for this course.

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  12. Shahzaib Muhammad Riaz

    Absolutely, no doubt one of the best course on Udemy to learn NestJS and best practices according to the NESTJS Docs.
    The things that are covered absolutely will make you a better NestJS developer in the top 5% of devs. I’ll give out 10/10.

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    NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development
    NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development


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