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NodeJS Tutorial and Projects Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Make Great Projects Node and Express

Welcome to NodeJS Tutorial and Projects Course.

I guess let’s start by answering the most pressing question first. What is a NodeJS? And even though there are plenty of good answers out there the one that I like the most is this one – “NodeJS is an environment to run Javascript outside of the Browser”. NodeJS was created in 2009 and it’s built on top of Chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine. As you are probably aware of, every browser has an engine, a tool that compiles our code down to machine code and Chrome uses one by the name of V8. Since the moment it was created, Node has evolved tremendously, and while there are many things to like about Node, some of the main ones are – large community, since that tremendously saves time on feature development, as well as the fact that with the help of Node, it’s never been easier to build Full-Stack Apps, since both Front-End And Back-End are built in one language, and you guessed that language is our beloved Javascript.

During the course we will cover  following main technologies – NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, JWT and many smaller ones as well.

Course consists of

– Node Tutorial

– Express Tutorial


– Task Manager API

– Store API

– JWT Basics

– Jobs API

– File Upload

– Send Email

– Stripe Payment

– E-Commerce API

– Email Workflow



Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn Node, Express and MongoDB

12 reviews for NodeJS Tutorial and Projects Course

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Christopher Akoto

    very well structured and thorough course for any developer looking to learn about the backend appplications

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  2. Mohammad Talaat

    The instructor is well informed and his explanation is so simple and the course is project based and have a very good structure

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  3. Amit Rana

    The tutorials are very detailed and well structured. The projects are perfect to learn and develop the skills.

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  4. Ivan Bárta

    John is not only an excellent teacher, but also an experienced coder who will show you how to work on a real project.

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  5. Jane Kavanagh

    Great course. I like John’s teaching style.
    He avoids catchy names for his courses but I would definitely call them “From 0 to Hero”. He starts from very basic things and gradually takes you to the advanced level.
    Don’t be afraid of 31.5 video hours. There are mostly projects. And you will be grateful to have them later as an example when building your own portfolio.

    A tip for slow learners (like me): if you are done (or almost done) with the course but still not sure about something while doing the projects, try rewatching the tutorial part: sections 3,4 (I did it on high speed and skipped parts that I understood well the first time). For me some explanations from tutorial clicked only when I came back to them after practicing on the projects.

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  6. Md Murad

    Not all that glitters is gold- amongst all the “marketing” courses, this one seems to be a no-fluff genuine coding course that teaches you one thing i.e. coding!

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  7. Saif Hosari

    what can i say? John is not like any teacher u will find on Udemy! he is not just skilled and a great developer, he has such a unique effective way of teaching! he covers everything and he repeats just so we never forget… his lessons are interesting and he never lets u get bored! honestly after a long long searching for the best teacher on udemy and buying tons of courses and then refunding them immediately coz they suck! i found that John is the only good teacher in here! i strongly recommend buying all of his courses coz he answers all of ur questions so fast and never leaves doubts in ur head with his great sense of humour and funny words he says every now and then lol ( u can call it bugs bunny or shakeAndBack lol) if u r his student u will understand lol…. lastly i thank u John from the depth of my heart for solving all of the issues i’m having in university while studying and even being better than my professors there! God Bless you John the Legend

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  8. Fernando Ribeiro Trovao

    He sometimes speeds up the explanation. Some parts are good, but others he goes way too fast. The beginning of the course was very interesting, but after the middle of it, he kind of sped up things, without explaining the “why’s”

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  9. Ahmed Adel Hanafy

    I gave this course a 5/5. This course is amazing. John is a great instructor.This course is one of the best courses here on udemy.

    John will answer all your questions, which is amazing. He explains everything in detail.
    The coruse is about building projects. With each project, you will learn something new, and John really gives in this course many real-world examples.

    I have learnt a lot from that, and the best part is when you build the e-commerce API just this project is superrrrrr wooooooooow 🙂

    John Thank you so much for this course. I appreciate it and I appreciate your efforts.

    I hope in the future you will add some huge projects like e-commerce api because I really like the way you teach:)

    So yeah, I would highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start learning Node and build projects.

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  10. Keex

    overall great. only gripe is sometimes commentary is said so casually that i miss it completely. with code, if One thing is off, nothing runs. sometimes i have to go and rewatch a video a few times to catch that One little thing that i missed

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  11. Kyle Granger

    This is the third node course I’ve taken — each time I learn a bit more, and more deeply. The others were fine, but this is probably the one I should have started with. Very well organized, good principles, deep knowledge of node, js & programming. Nice to have starter/final folders already set up. Nice to see mistakes made and fixed in real time. I just signed up for John’s CSS course (which I seem to forget, every time I learn it).

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  12. J @

    Love love love this course! John explained everything very well to be understood, had plenty of examples that build on the previous sections to emphasize the important things to build my own APIs. Thank you John!

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    NodeJS Tutorial and Projects Course
    NodeJS Tutorial and Projects Course


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