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React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

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Product is rated as #50 in category Development

What you’ll learn

  • Build powerful, fast, user-friendly and reactive web apps
  • Provide amazing user experiences by leveraging the power of JavaScript with ease
  • Apply for high-paid jobs or work as a freelancer in one the most-demanded sectors you can find in web dev right now
  • Learn all about React Hooks and React Components

This course is fully up-to-date with React 18 (the latest version of React)!

It was completely updated and re-recorded from the ground up – it teaches the very latest version of React with all the core, modern features you need to know!

This course also comes with two paths which you can take: The “complete” path (full >40h course) and the “summary” path (~4h summary module) – you can choose the path that best fits your time requirements! 🙂

React.js is THE most popular JavaScript library you can use and learn these days to build modern, reactive user interfaces for the web.

This course teaches you React in-depth, from the ground up, step by step by diving into all the core basics, exploring tons of examples and also introducing you to advanced concepts as well.

You’ll get all the theory, tons of examples and demos, assignments and exercises and tons of important knowledge that is skipped by most other resources – after all, there is a reason why this course is that huge! 🙂

And in case you don’t even know why you would want to learn React and you’re just here because of some ad or “the algorithm” – no worries: ReactJS is a key technology as a web developer and in this course I will also explain WHY it’s that important!


Welcome to “React – The Complete Guide”!

This course will teach you React.js in a practice-oriented way, using all the latest patterns and best practices you need. You will learn all the key fundamentals as well as advanced concepts and related topics to turn you into a React.js developer.

This is a huge course because it really covers EVERYTHING you need to know and learn to become a React.js developer!

No matter if you know nothing about React or if you already got some basic React knowledge (not required but also not a problem), you will get tons of useful information and knowledge out of this course!

My goal with this course is to ensure that you feel confident working with React, so that you can apply for React jobs, use it in your own projects or simply enhance your portfolio as a developer – whatever your goal is: This course gets you there!


I originally created this course in 2017 and I have kept it updated since that – redoing it from the ground up in 2021. And of course I’m dedicated to keeping this course up-to-date – so that you can rely on this course to learn React in the best possible way!

What’s in this course?

  • A thorough introduction to React.js (What is it and why would you use it?)
  • All the core basics: How React works, building components with React & building UIs with React
  • Components, props & dynamic data binding
  • Working with user events and state to create interactive applications
  • A (thorough) look behind the scenes to understand how React works under the hood
  • Detailed explanations on how to work with lists and conditional content
  • React Hooks (in-depth)!
  • Working with built-in Hooks and building custom Hooks
  • How to debug React apps
  • Styling React apps with “Styled Components” and “CSS Modules”
  • Working with “Fragments” & “Portals”
  • Dealing with side effects
  • Class-based components and functional components
  • Sending Http requests & handling transitional states + responses
  • Handling forms and user input (incl. validation)
  • Redux & Redux Toolkit
  • Routing with React Router
  • An in-depth introduction into Next.js
  • Deploying React Apps
  • Implementing Authentication
  • Unit Tests
  • Combining React with TypeScript
  • Adding Animations
  • Tons of examples and demo projects so that you can apply all the things you learned in real projects
  • And so much more – check out the full curriculum on this page!

This really is the “Complete Guide” – promised!

And best of all?

You don’t need any prior React knowledge!

This course starts with zero knowledge assumed! All you need is basic web development and JavaScript knowledge (though the course even includes a brief JavaScript refresher to ensure that we’re all on the same page!).

Check out the full curriculum, the free preview videos and join the course risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to build reactive and fast web apps
  • Anyone who’s interested in learning an extremely popular technology used by leading tech companies like Netflix
  • Students who want to take their web development skills to the next level and learn a future-proof technology

12 reviews for React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

4.6 out of 5
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    I really learned a lot from Max sir. The way he teaches the course is really awesome and I recommended it to a lot of friends and juniors to this course. Thank you sir for your wonderful course. I really appreciate the efforts that you put into the course.

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  2. Alberto Platania

    Really tons of useful pieces of React knowledge in this course.
    The teaching style is clear and deep (maybe sometimes somehow redundant, but that in the end helps to better retain key concepts).

    I knew Mr. Schwarzmuller because i enrolled its TypeScript course before, so that was no surprise to me.

    Definitely a must-to-enroll one if you want to know modern React

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  3. Sankalp Sharma

    Great course to learn ReactJS. Gives lots of hands-on project experience. Highly recommended for someone who has a beginner level experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and wants to increase skillset to get a job.

    I first took a course on Front-End Development before taking up this course.

    Please understand the concept while watching the lecture and then try to implement the code on your own. It is okay to go back and forth.

    This course requires good amount of time understanding and implementing the concepts, so patience and practice is the key.

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  4. Gabriel Ferreira

    Great course, I learned a lot from Max, he always deeply explains each lecture. I liked the way he planned this course from doing demo projects to explaining all the topics, but if he did a big and complex project at the end of the course it would be great. But this course is amazing!!!!

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  5. Paris Dafermos

    I was recommended this course by a friend who bought the old version, however I was pretty disappointed. Max is very repetitive in this course, over-complicating concepts when it is not needed. It is also very confusing when he explains the wrong way to do something first and then the correct way, as this is done multiple times in this course.

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  6. Filipa

    An awesome course with an amazing teacher that will help you to go from zero to expert level using React! Explains the basics and moves forward to more complex features allowing the students to practice and build up great projects. If your goal is to learn and use JS with React I recommend it 100%.

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  7. That Lazy Guy

    I’ve learned a LOT from this course. Thanks to the instructor for straight forward explanations of the content, clearly that had been a lot of work on his side.

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  8. Szakacs Botond

    I just finished the course, and I find it pretty nice and educative, Max is a great teacher, sometimes I needed other resources to understand everything, but I think its normal in cases of online course.
    I can recommend this course for anyone with some core foundations from JS.

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  9. Jessie Forthun

    This is a fabulous React course! Max dives very deeply into the subject, yet explains things well for absolute beginners too. I highly recommend him as one of the best Udemy instructors in this area. The course update was a huge improvement too, making everything easier to understand. Thanks Max!

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  10. Rigoberto Villarreal Casas

    Great Course, super Excellent Explained and really interactive sessions, maybe the downside is that it is really really long but if you are really into React it is fun !
    Just don’t give up ! it is a really really long course hahahah.

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  11. Chirag Zinzuvadiya

    The course is really great. It follows the latest development trends and covers all ReactJS topics from basic to advance. Max is a really good teacher and he deep dive into all topics. Glad I choose this course.

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  12. Nitish Bhartiya

    Awesome course for complete react learning from beginner to pro level

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    React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)
    React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)


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