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React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a portfolio-ready project with React and Typescript
  • Integrate React and Redux together with Typescript
  • Simplify state updates with the fabulous Immer library
  • See the step-by-step process of designing and assembling an advanced project
  • Manage a project using a package-based architecture
  • Automate your deployment with the popular Lerna CLI
  • Build an in-browser transpiler + bundler
  • Assemble incredibly reusable React components
  • Use Redux middlewares to handle complicated business logic flows
  • Use Web Assembly to increase the performance of your app

You’ve learned React, but what now? Time to build an awesome project for your portfolio!

Prove your React knowledge to employers.

There are hundreds of resources online for teaching you the basics of React, but few of them go beyond the basics. You need more – something to teach you how to build a large, interesting app. Something unique, something more than another to-do list.

This course is your answer.

Kick off your learning experience with an introduction on how to use React and Typescript together. Not familiar with Typescript? No problem! A lightning fast – but comprehensive – tutorial is included!

Once you’re ready with React and Typescript, you’ll dive into our big project. You are going to build an interactive browser-based coding environment. It’s like a Jupyter Notebook, but for Javascript, with many additional features added in. Yes, this is what you are going to build in this course! You will solve incredible challenges around bundling and transpiling code directly in the browser. This is a task normally done by running Webpack and Babel at your terminal! You will execute users’ code safely in the browser just like how famous services like CodeSandBox and CodePen do. Finally, you’ll deploy this project using a multi-package architecture to NPM, where your friends and employers can easily download and run your project.

During this entire project, I will show you a variety of different solutions to an incredible number of problems. I will show you step-by-step how to solve each problem. You will also see many concerns around performance and security addressed.

At the end of the course, you will have an amazing portfolio project with excellent looks and functionality. You will understand every line of code, and be able to explain every bit to potential employers.

Here’s a partial list of the topics that will be covered in this course:

  • Master the use of React, Redux, and Typescript together
  • Build a complex and interesting app using a package-based architecture
  • Understand the challenges of in-browser code transpiling and and processing
  • Secure your app against potential security exploits
  • Safely execute user-provided code directly in the browser
  • Run a code editor directly in the browser – the same editor used by VSCode!
  • Leverage Web Assembly to run a code bundler directly in the browser at lightning-fast speeds
  • Use the internals of Redux to manually test out your business logic
  • Discover dozens of tricks to build a sleek UI
  • Deploy your app to the NPM registry, where others can easily use it

I built this course to help you apply your React skills. Sign up today and build an incredible app that will prove your knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers looking to expand their project portfolio

12 reviews for React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Pierre Lambert

    so many awesome things are covered in this course, i got so excited all along! But i have to remove one star for a single purpose, Typescript doesn’t seem to be the main focus of the course. I was expecting to be a TypeScript killer and I feel like I will have to take the Typescript course by Stephen Grider to learn more. So maybe React and Typescript is not the appropriate name for this course ?

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  2. Andrejus Novatorovas

    I was pleasantly surprised by how broad the course turned out to be. The portfolio app covers so much – from bundling the code to publishing on npm in separate packages/libraries – and that is rarely presented on an everyday course [of writing some components with state].

    I found it highly useful to give context and sense about front end development in general. I highly recommend the course for junior developers especially, since it ties a lot of things together and helps to get a bigger picture. Lovely!

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  3. Adam Platti

    I am enjoying the course a lot. I was not expecting to get into such deep inner working of javascript and the browser, but it is a very welcome surprise. I like the pace and that the lessons are of a nice manageable size. I always like to get challenges to make sure I understand what I am learning, so that is the only thing I see missing here.

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  4. Yuhang Yang

    Honestly, I’ve asked several questions, no one reply to me. And even TS and some of the dependency packages version is changed so fast but the video still stays there without updating which made me really upset. I really need someone to resolve my problems.

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  5. Jorge Torres

    It was an interesting course and also an interesting project, however I think it should have more emphasis on typescript which is why I bought it, otherwise it is good.

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  6. Taylor Buchheit

    Really great course, learned a ton about React, Typescript, some cool packages like esbuild, and a decent amount about managing packages and builds. Not your standard React/TS course since it approaches this almost like we are building a desktop application. I gave 4.5 instead of 5 only because there is not a lot of responses to questions so if you are stuck, you’ll often times have to figure it out yourself. Stephen is a great teacher though and explains things very well. Recommend this course!

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  7. Minhlc2

    I’m thankful for the course really. However:

    – As another person pointed out this is not something you can put on the web to show others (if you go through with it all the way). So if you’re really looking to “build a portfolio project” this is not exactly it. Things you learn will prove helpful somewhat but you’ll probably never use, as the libraries used here are just to solve this particular problem.

    – Instructor repeats himself way too much. He’ll implement something in 2 minutes then spend the next 10 minutes talking about all the problematic things, then end the video with “we’ll solve this in just a couple of minutes”. And then in the next video, he spends half that video explaining the problem again. I do appreciate the explaination, I really do! But I’d love it if he can keep it short. “Here’s the problem, here’s how we’re gonna solve it” type of video. The big overview is just a waste of time.

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  8. Memphis DiAngelis

    If you want to know why to type your react projects then start this course!!! Right out the gate, Stephen highlights why it is a must to integrate TypeScript into React!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Leonam Quintão

    I generally like Stephen Grider’s courses, but this one I feel was spent a lot of time on things unrelated to React + Typescript.

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  10. Ivan Shirokov

    A great course! So many useful information unlike other courses on React and Typescript i’ve been going through. Really enjoying it. Q&A support could be better though=)

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  11. Attamjot Singh

    I am really loving the course , although its huge but good for my learning 🙂

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  12. Gabriel Schimit

    This course is absolutely amazing! I could ramp up my javascript, typescript and react skills a notch or two by the end of it. Also, publishing your own package to npm was the icing on top.

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    React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project
    React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project


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