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React For The Rest Of Us

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What you’ll learn

  • The problem React solves and *why* we should use it (aside from “because it’s popular”)
  • How to create Single Page Applications with React
  • The ability to keep your code organized and manageable
  • How to seamlessly pull real and dynamic data into your front-end

Learn the world’s most popular library for creating user interfaces!

What makes this course different is we take the time to understand *why* we’re doing what we’re doing. We begin by asking an important question that so many other React courses skip entirely; What problem does React solve?

Once we understand what React is and isn’t, we spend the remainder of the course together building the front-end for a real world social media app where you can post, follow other users and even hop into a live chatroom. Along the way we will:

  • Understand what “state” is in React and how to bring our interfaces to life
  • Use the modern “hook” approach with Function Components
  • Leverage React Router to create a Single Page Application with shareable URLs
  • See the power of Context, Reducer, and Immer and create an ideal way of working with state
  • Run code at the perfect moments by understanding the power of useEffect()
  • Use async HTTP requests to communicate with APIs so that our app feels meaningful by working with real data
  • Deploy our app up onto the web so you can share it with your friends and family

This course may be brand new, but this isn’t my first time teaching. I’ve led training sessions for Fortune 500 companies and I’ve already helped over 98,000 people on Udemy and received the following feedback:

“Brad definitely has some of the best techniques to embed the lesson into your mind… hands down these are the best tutorials I have had the opportunity to view.”

“Presentation is concise without being tedious… you honestly feel that you have a thorough understanding of the subject.”

“…[Brad] explained the process. Not memorize this or that, he explained the process. If you’re looking to take a course to understand the foundations of creating websites, look no further.”

Become highly valuable and relevant to the companies that are hiring front-end developers; in one convenient place alongside one instructor. If you’re ready to begin building with React – I’ll see you on the inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create user interfaces using the most popular and in-demand library in the world today.

12 reviews for React For The Rest Of Us

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Mohammad Ilyas Bin Azmi

    Brad is one of the greatest tutor on Udemy.. He should be recognize more in the industry..

    Great job Brad & well done.. I learnt a lot from you..

    Dont stop what u were doing.

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  2. Marko Krunic

    Very good course! The main reason why I chose this course and not some other react courses is because almost all other courses are 20, 30 or even 40+ hours long.
    This course is very good, Brad is an amazing teacher. The reason my rate is not 5 stars is because some libraries in the course are outdated. E.g. react-router-dom v6 is out and v5 is used in this course i belive. Of course I could use v5 and not have any problems, but I still decided not to work. So I had to google to fix some problems.

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  3. Jonathan Chiu

    Well-paced and explains not only what to do and how to do something but why you’re doing it – something that many random YouTube videos about React fail to do!

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  4. Michael Dodson

    This course was by no means easy but I made it through and my app works. I learned a lot, was challenged but I also had fun creating something of this magnitude. I’m determined to keep learning and getting better! I’m glad I chose to take this course.

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  5. Travis Meyer

    Overall I do like the course; currently about 50% through so maybe this is addressed later, but I wish there was some focus on the backend with the data validation & Axios. At this point it just kind of feels like we’re magically just grabbing things from mongoDB. It’s just kind of disappointing because I’d like to create my own apps, but it would require knowledge of being able to create a backend, otherwise I’m dependent on data that’s already provided by a source.

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  6. Christine Faith Angelou Hidalgo

    The only course that’s understandable to me. I’m now in the middle section and looking forward to the finished app!

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  7. Israel Santiago

    I’ve done some react courses and this is the really first time I finished one, and I think is because of the teacher, he explains everything very well, actually I already know react but had some troubles with context and reducers, which are the reason why I chosen this course and I’m so grateful. I totally recommend it!

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  8. Brennan Harvey

    Later in the lesson, we seemed to just go through the motions of doing stuff without a clear explanation of the React way of doing it. In the beginning, React seemed to be foremost in the discussion. Towards the end, it was more “lets finish this thing” and I feel a lot got glossed over. It’s as if the author thought, well, I told them this stuff, they better know it, because I won’t explain it again. It didn’t happen every time, but I think I need another course to fully understand the concepts. This one didn’t hit everything-for me.

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  9. Paulo Matos

    Above my expectations,
    Brad’s courses are very clear and with a very rich content

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  10. Đinh Mai

    I’m only at section 6 and will come back for a complete review when i finish this course. I like Brad’s teaching styles, however i think that this course is only for those who are somewhat a little familiar with React (and when you are so, watching this course will reenforce + be beneficial to you). If you are a complete beginner, i’d suggest you do Bob Ziroll course on scrimba first (or any course that help you grasp the fundamentals, and offer you practices so u can test your knowledge) which did help me a ton to understand this course. Other way you can learn this course is to pause at every new thing Brad applied in this course and research + practice yourself.
    Brad is a great teacher, however, this course is mostly code along and you will have to pause a lot if you are a beginner, otherwise you would end up binge the course and nothing stays on your mind.

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  11. Jose Lopez

    Brad is an excellent instructor. Patient with explaining key concepts and going into detail why they are important.

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  12. Swastik Banerjee

    The overall course content and teaching is very good. This is the first time I am taking a full React course and it is meeting my expectation.

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    React For The Rest Of Us
    React For The Rest Of Us


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