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React Styled Components Course (V5)

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What you’ll learn

  • Using Styled-Components in React Applications

What’s up everybody this is John from Coding Addict and welcome to my Styled Components course.

As styled components co -creator Max Stoiber says:

“The basic idea of styled components is to enforce best practices by removing the mapping between styles and components.”

Styled Components are part of CSS inJS movement where we can create components that possess their own encapsulated styles. No longer we need to create component decide on a selector and then rush to app css or any other stylesheet to write separate styles for that particular component. What makes Styled Components so cool is their awesome tagged template syntax that allows to create normal react components by only defining styles. With zero configuration styled-components support css modularity, variables in css, nesting in css, extending components styles and many more. Styled Components also allows us to  write plain CSS in your components without worrying about class name collisions

Styled-components is a CSS-in-JS styling framework that uses tagged template literals in JavaScript and the power of CSS to provide a platform that allows you to write actual CSS to style React components.

Styled components are easy-to-make React components that you write with the styled-components library, where you can style your components with plain CSS inside your JavaScript code.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn Styled-Components

12 reviews for React Styled Components Course (V5)

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Serguei Nevarko

    Very clear and straight to the point, making the course very short and sweet. It’s even broken down in small easy to consume videos.

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  2. Gil Aguilar

    I really enjoyed taking this course. It helped to go over things which I have been exposed to but now have a better understanding of. Thanks for the great course, the content was easy to follow. Highly recommend this course for a great look at styled components, the use cases involved and how to start working with styled components.

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  3. Oscar Cornejo

    Excellent course for those who are starting with Styled Components, I recommend it 100%! ?? ?

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  4. Lourens Olivier

    John does a really good job of explaining everything in detail, without going overboard. Really great course if you’re looking to get started with styled components.

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  5. Chitra Tatachar

    I think Styled Components are really useful and can prevent a lot of name space collisions and regressions in big repos, and worth checking out. It will also dis-spell some pre-conceptions or hesitancy we might have about CSS in JS. The course was to the point and covered most of the aspects useful but it could also address and give more examples of how we could use in bigger repos, real-life projects and how to co-exist with a lot of framework classes, places where we may not be fully be able to transition and existing with other common sass, common variables files etc. and some similar challenges.(there were some examples of that but more along those would’ve helped folks working with very big repos and can only transition partly).
    Overall it was still quite useful and good to keep as a reference.

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  6. Aileen Chan

    John is great at explaining with in-depth detail so we understand the different approaches to writing CSS.

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  7. 김창준

    강사의 발음때문에 자동자막 품질이 떨어지긴 하지만 어느 정도 리스닝이 된다면 큰 문제는 아니다. 내용 굿

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  8. Erick Gabriel Rodriguez Cardenas

    I’m already enrolled on other courses from John Smilga, really good explanations, and examples, and well structured course, the best decision i made

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  9. Inam Ul Rehman

    This is a good course and help you to use your Css in your components, if you want to work with react and not using any other library you must take this course.

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  10. Benjamin

    I found this course to be extremely clear.
    John is a very thoughtful person and very focused on what he sets out to teach us, nothing here pollutes his desire to teach us the course content.
    His goal is to go through the styled component library, he will not deviate from his goal, it is very appreciable.
    Considering the length of the course, I was afraid that I would not really learn, but I am happy in the end.
    I think the price is a bit high, but I have also priced this course in compensation of the react / nodejs / mern course which are worth their prices.
    Another disappointment, this course didn’t really help me to organize my components in an optimal way, should I create a specific folder for these style components? When to leave the style components inside logic and when to dissociate them? I would have liked a little more feedback from John, a video where he shows us one of these projects . (A real big project with hundreds of components)

    I still gave it 5 stars, the fact that John answers questions and updates his course makes it worthwhile, he’s the only teacher to do that, all the others are shitty profiteers in my eyes, John is super involved, I really like him and he’s undeniably one of the determining elements of my career.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart John.

    Translated with (free version)

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  11. Tilbe Cristofori

    I needed an immediate course for work since we are going to develop a storybook with styled components, thanks to this course i really got the basics of styled components. It was very clear and in detail. I would def buy another course from him 🙂

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  12. Thomas Toth

    Enjoy all the courses from John, very well done and instructional

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    React Styled Components Course (V5)
    React Styled Components Course (V5)


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