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Responsive Web & Mobile Development in HTML,CSS & Javascript

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What you’ll learn

  • Build interactive and modern websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies
  • Develop responsive web and mobile applications

Course was last updated on: 04/28/2018, Udemy’s Best in Web Development/Javascript!

Over 15,000 students enrolled worldwide and still counting! A Jump-start to Responsive Web and Mobile App Design with HTML, CSS and Javascript. HTML and Javascript started its journey as an open source blogging tool but now it has become more popular as a content management system (CMS). HTML and Javascript is built on PHP and MySQL. HTML and Javascript has really changed the way we do web development. HTML and Javascript’s content management system makes it easy for developers to create rich and interactive websites. HTML and Javascript basically provides us themes and framework which help us to reduce coding effort. HTML and Javascript also comes with library of plugins. These themes and plugins take care of most of the coding for us. As a result, web developers can save a lot of coding time and focus more into the design concepts. HTML and Javascript do not require any knowledge of programming languages and non-technical people are able to create web pages with the help of HTML and Javascript. HTML and Javascript is a free tool but HTML and Javascript training courses are pretty expensive. Erudeversity likes to keep the training part free as well. HTML and Javascript aimed to create a free platform for everyone, but getting proper training lessons in using HTML and Javascript has not been as easy. Our free HTML and Javascript Training course discusses all basic concepts including HTML and Javascript installation, configuration, server setup, understanding HTML and Javascript settings, toolbar, creating posts and pages, and overview of HTML and Javascript. At the end, we give you a walk-through on how to publish your first HTML and Javascript site with free hosting! Now everyone can become a web developer. Our HTML and Javascript training videos are a comprehensive way to get started with web development. Just like our other courses, most of the course videos are available for preview so that you can test drive the quality of content. If you want to become an expert web developer, then this is the first step for you to get started. Get enrolled and take the opportunity to become an expert web developer without any prior knowledge of HTML and Javascript. You will also learn how to develop and convert your responsive website into hybrid mobile applications for android and iOs. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn coding to develop interactive websites
  • Anyone who wants to kick start responsive web and mobile app design learning

12 reviews for Responsive Web & Mobile Development in HTML,CSS & Javascript

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Umm-e -laila

    this course helps me a lot .Great understanding and using a excellent editor for Web. After this course, now i know about the basic meaning of using CSS & Javascript.

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  2. Andres Sebastian Mario Ulloa Tromo

    i found it easy to understand, to the point, my only problem, if you want to call it that, was that from video to video there were some edits to the examples that made it a bit annoying to follow. other than that, great introductory and guidance tutorial.

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  3. Vasilis Nikitaras

    Well done thank you easy to understand and very clear explanation for everything, Thank you Sir.

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  4. Alexandre Michiles

    It is a good course.
    It begins with good explanations and examples, and you can actually learn while doing. But in the end things were a little bit too fast, at the point that i finished whithout knowing a lot about what I just did.

    Maybe if the course was a little longer, it could be a lot better!

    For me it worked because I wanted to get back on track with my webdev skills.

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  5. Helly shah

    This is nice. but you give more explainantion about tags, functions, and all. how and why it is used in this explain in detail please

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  6. Anmol Jindal

    Pace was too fast. It was an introductory course so we don’t expect such huge jump from the starting lectures to what the instructor did at the end!

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  7. Morel Haber

    I think that this video is not bad in overall but there are a few things that are unclear in the CSS style shit that needs to explain farther before moving ahead to javascript.

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  8. Husam Altoonisi

    I like the course, the part where the instructor didn’t use thimble should be updated because it was horribly explained, but the rest of the course was great.

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  9. Jayanth Sunkari

    Most of the course she is copy pasting code from somewhere , course should be designed with real time coding. This is not really useful for most of the people as it is very basic and copy paste.

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  10. Sarthak Gupta

    It’s very less for education.
    Just copy & Past.
    You have to understand yourself.

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  11. Joseph Loftus

    It is an ok course for beginners wanting to jump straight into java, HTML 5 and css3. For this reason, the course was ok because it only teaches you the basics to developing a webpage, which is fine if you want to jump straight in but means your only scratching the surface of website/mobile app development.

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  12. Celeste Chen

    It is a good trail class, great explaination. But it jumps a bit from the css easy to adcance.

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    Responsive Web & Mobile Development in HTML,CSS & Javascript
    Responsive Web & Mobile Development in HTML,CSS & Javascript


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