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The Complete Java Development Bootcamp

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What you’ll learn

  • Be able to program in Java professionally.
  • Get hands-on experience and solve 100+ coding exercises.
  • Learn Java best practices from a professional developer.
  • Become proficient in Java 11.
  • Learn advanced Java concepts that you can present to prospective employers.
  • Acquire the Java skills needed to pursue Web Development (Spring Boot), Android Development, Automation, and more!

Java is one of the most used programming languages. It’s easy to learn and can run on any machine. You can use Java for Web Development, Mobile Development, Automation, and much more.

Becoming a Java developer creates endless opportunities, and this course will give you a competitive edge.

The course is organized around two modules.

Module 1 covers Variables, Conditionals, Functions, Loops, and Arrays. You will

  • Learn to store information inside variables.
  • Control how your code runs using conditionals.
  • Organize your code into functions.
  • Run code in a loop.
  • Store many values in an array.

Module 2 covers Objects, Exception Handling, Debugging, Unit Testing, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Concurrency. You will

  • Use objects to write high-quality code.
  • Apply exception handling to produce reliable code
  • Use breakpoints to debug your code.
  • Use Test-Driven Development to polish your code and avoid bugs.
  • Leverage code-reusability with Inheritance and Polymorphism.
  • Maximize performance with Concurrency.

This is the most interactive Java course on the internet. In other words, you will get PLENTY of opportunities to practice!

Every module has workbooks, challenges, and a capstone project:

  • The capstone project for Module 1 is “Hangman”.
  • The capstone project for Module 2 is a “Stock-Trading Simulation”.

We’re excited to have you on board. See you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn Java by building fun projects.
  • If you want to learn by doing. This course includes 100 exercises and challenges.
  • If you want to take ONE course that covers everything you need to learn about Java.

12 reviews for The Complete Java Development Bootcamp

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  1. Lucas Colonna Romano

    Ig you already know another language and is looking forward also learn Java it’s not the best course as some topics are repetitive. For beginners in code as whole, great course.

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  2. Adrian Harper

    Really enjoyed the course content. It is well presented with quizzes, workbooks and challenges to test you. Rayan comes across as very passionate and provides very thorough explanations.

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  3. Edsel Talento

    Amazing course! it will give you a good foundation in Java and OOP that you can also use in other programming languages.

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  4. Thanh Diep

    he explain things other teachers didn’t and the course was very helpful. I’m sure there are selections I might need to visit again but I learned a lot.

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  5. Dimitrios Gakidis

    Although the course explains everything in a very good manner and is very helpful for someone without prior Java experience, it misses some basic points such as Lists. In this course, they do not refer to lists. In addition, it misses I/O, Generics and Lambda expressions which are essential parts of Java. Lastly it does not make any reference to Interfaces.

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  6. Cathleen Gardner

    The instructor does an exceptional job teaching the Java core concepts. Each explanation is very clear and highly intuitive.

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  7. Jellef Abbenseth

    Top course:
    – easy to follow
    – good code examples
    – many good exercises
    – cheat sheet and other documents included

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  8. Vanessa Reese

    This is a good course, but I wouldn’t choose as my very first Java course. There are a ton of concepts here and I think it would be overwhelming for an absolute beginner to programming. Also, I think the section on concurrency could be updated. I think teaching about the synchronized keyword would be more relevant to most programmers experience. Lambdas and functional programming could also be better explained and described.

    One thing I really loved about this course was all the workbooks, quizzes and projects! I lot of courses leave these things out all together and make the student wonder if he/she has really grasped the language. I especially enjoyed the section on unit testing. If you successfully complete the workbooks and projects in this course, I think you will feel quite comfortable with Java.

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  9. Olga Dolgova

    I’ve tried several Java courses and I can say this one is hands down the best for beginners. Clear, concise explanations and plenty of practice where you can really try and learn how to code and understand how it actually works. No overloading students with lengthy theory – key info and useful tips are very well summarized.
    I don’t have any technical background and realize there’s still a lot more to learn but this course did help me in overcoming my fear of coding. Highly recommend.

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  10. Aleksandar Stefanov

    It was really good, I enjoyed myself through the course. I can not say that it was an easy course, but through further practice with OOP I will improve my knowledge and be more confidence in myself. I took me more than one month for this course with approximately 5 to 6hours per day. Now I will focus further learning on Sping framework with constant repetition of the Big Projects that I have done in this course.
    Good luck!

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  11. Apurba Panja

    This course is one of the best Java courses for sure. Hats off to Ryan, Jose and Jad. Looking forward to get more courses from you specially on Spring boot. Thank you so much 🙂

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  12. Zack Bello

    The course is well thought but it would have been nice if access to the final code for each project in each section is provided.

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    The Complete Java Development Bootcamp
    The Complete Java Development Bootcamp


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