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Unity Game Development: Create 2D And 3D Games With C#

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Product is rated as #128 in category Development

What you’ll learn

  • Learn To Code in C#
  • Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills
  • Learn good coding and design patterns
  • Get experience using Unity Game Engine
  • Gain an excellent knowledge of game creation
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice
  • Learn How To Create Stunning 2D and 3D Games

This is the most comprehensive online course that will take you from beginner to creating stunning 3D games in Unity Game Engine!

The course is completely project based.

We will start with simple things so you will be comfortable even if you are using Unity for the first time. This also applies to your coding skills, if you did not code before, don’t worry, we will deeply cover C# from basic to advanced features.

I had beginners and intermediate game developers on my mind when I structured this course, so it will not only give you all the information you need as a beginner, but it will also teach you advanced game development techniques if you already know how to make games. Every section in the course starts with basic information about the specific topic, and slowly progresses in difficulty as we finish every video.

My idea for this course is to make it a single place that will have all the resources you need to learn how to create 2D and 3D games using Unity Game Engine.

By having a single course with all the resources it is much easier for me as an instructor to answer you questions so rest assured that you will have my full support while you are going through the course lectures. And it will be much easier for me to update the course on a regular basis.

Some of the things you will learn in the course:

  • Unity’s interface
  • Importing Assets
  • Organizing The Project
  • Basic, Intermediate And Advanced C# Programming
  • Basic AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  • Basic And Advanced Character Animations
  • Sound FX And Music
  • Basic, Intermediate And Advanced Particle FX
  • Melee Battle Systems
  • Boss Fights
  • Special In Game Attacks
  • Learn How To Use Unity’s UI System
  • Create And Animate Menus
  • Create Animation Trigger Events

That And Much More Is Awaiting You In This Course

If You ever had an idea for an awesome game, then enroll in this course and learn the tools that you need to develop Your next hit game!!!

What Is Your Risk By Taking This Course?

Nothing!! If you are not satisfied with the course, I promise I will give you a full refund of your money NO questions asked!!

Enroll Now!! You Will Not Be Disappointed!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Game Development But Does Not Know Where To Start
  • Beginners with no coding experience
  • Programmers who want to learn game development
  • Experienced Game Developers

12 reviews for Unity Game Development: Create 2D And 3D Games With C#

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Arnav Goel

    I believe that the explanation could be a little better…

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  2. Jack Tingle

    Love the energy from the teacher, haven’t finished it yet but, amazed how everything clicks after a while!

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  3. Zlatko Herzl

    Great knowledge about Unity, but should check coding, for example send code to code review (there is a Unity tutorial in which they do that). Should avoid too much logic in single method. Avoid using same script for multiple enemies with name dedicated to SnailEnemy (and creating if statements for different enemy conditions). It’s messy code. Rather create common script, example Enemy script, and use inheritance for Snail, Beetle, etc…Shouldn’t do it later, code has to be fixed before continuing any further. That way people will understand difference between good and bad coding.

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  4. Seamus Tozzi

    Course is great for beginners or people trying to jog there memory on programming with unity.

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  5. Clint Wagoner

    Great course! Easy to understand and covers a ton of concepts! Money well spent

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  6. Kazem G

    Why is this course not in BEST SELLERS!!!!!!?

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  7. Dimitrios Konstantinidis

    He does not explain what he is doing. He introduces difficult concepts like quaternion rotation and he does not explain why he uses this and how it is going to work. He uses numbers, out of blue without saying how he found those numbers. As a result you have many questions but nobody answers questions and provides support. Everybody has to figure out his errors by himself. The course is full of mistakes and inconsistencies. The downloadable games have errors and crash while running.
    He promises to answer questions within 24 hours but in reality he does not answer even after 24 months. The whole course has only 450 questions which indicates that people are fed up with him not answering and they simply stopped asking.
    Stay away of this course, it is waste of time and money. If there was zero or minus asterisks I would chose lower rating.

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  8. Thomas Deshane

    Since this is the very first time taking programming in 10 years or so, I find this extremely helpful. I also began with C++, so it makes a good bit of sense already. But I never finished my programming course, so I do not fully understand programming. At this point in this course, this is very exciting and intriguing to learn from the ground up. Taking my time and learning a little each day is helping me absorb things better and the way it is taught keeps me on my toes enough to keep moving, but not too fast. Great C# learning so far.

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  9. Leon Henning

    Finally someone that doesn’t just throws you into Game Dev with the “Just follow me along you will eventually learn something, maybe” attitude.
    Fundamentals are important and especially frustrating for complete beginners such as me, but they are of utmost importance to ever do anything on your own without a course or teacher holding your hand along the way, this course here isn’t meant to just give you the feeling that you actually get somewhere without even being able to write one line of code on your own, you will have the independent knowledge and skills necessary to do what we’ve all wanted from the start, envision and create your own video games, not just copying step-by-step to sense the artificial accomplishment.
    Exactly what I was searching for, thanks a lot!

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  10. Carlo

    This course is great and I really recommend it cuz for $7 u get 78 hours worth of information which is great!

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  11. Cristopher Alexander Cruz

    Adoro cómo enseña. Se le entiende claramente todo y de una manera bastante sencilla.

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  12. Ruslan

    Super Fantastic

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    Unity Game Development: Create 2D And 3D Games With C#
    Unity Game Development: Create 2D And 3D Games With C#


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