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A pioneering project.

Students and Professionals can Visit Startups, Companies, Agencies, Studios, and more.

Have a unique first-hand experience of companies challenges, and the routine of amazing Design, Technology and Business Teams, and Leaders Worldwide.

The Company has an opportunity to receive students, professionals, and potential employees, creating a direct dialogue and community.

"How do I visit Google?"

Or the Facebook offices, or Nvidia offices, or Tesla factory, or Blizzard Entertainment studios, or Riot offices, or that Indie Game Devs that you like it so much.

Or that amazing Lab conducting ground-breaking research in Artificial Intelligence.

You might have Googled some variation of that type of question.

Visitei wants to help answer that in a practical hands-on way. Questions about:

“How is the Salesforce hiring process?”

“How is working with branding on Airbnb?”

“Which technology stack are they using at Amazon?”

“How really is Netflix Culture in everyday life?”

“What does it like being a Designer at Instagram vs Youtube?”

“How Companies are using Python?”

“How did FutureBrand approach that specific job?”

Visit Company - Coletividad Visitei Oz Design by Fernando Eduardo

Photo by Fernando Eduardo (@ferduardo_retratista). Oz estratégia+design visit.


Unfortunately due to Coronavirus (COVID-2019) Pandemic all Visits has been postponed until further notice. Be safe! For more information on Coronavirus (COVID-2019) please consult @WHO and follow the latest information online.

Until then register now and receive news about when we get back and new features.

Fast, easy and free

Imagine the difference it would make for you.
If at any point in your life in one click you could sit down with CEOs, Engineers, UX Designers, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Hackers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Illustrators, Makers, Marketers, Game Designers, Art Directors, etc… — at top startups, companies, studios.
A ‘1-click-visit’.
Fast, easy and free.
Be truly connected.
See, first hand, how teams, talented people, and leaders in Design, Business, Technology, and Innovation field go by their routines, what are their challenges, the best practices, their learning paths, the interview process, the flaws, the processes, the tools, the company culture…
…and passionately hear about things that you care about.
CVisit Company - Coletividad Visitei Nubank

Nubank Visit – Product Design

Not a "Company Institutional Presentation" or "Tour"

We want a space of exchange and participation, a common understanding through transparency, dialogue, and communication.
This is what makes Visited unique, incredible, and part of the Future of Education.

Founded in 2013, Visitei has already taken thousands of people – primarily students – to visit companies. Reducing the gap between Academia, Society, and the Market.

Visitei NSP2015 ColletivoLarissa Trindade3 | Visit Company | Coletividad

Photo by Larissa Trindade. IdeaFixa and Estúdio Colletivo visit at N Design SP 2015.


Let’s remove the guessing and romanticizing part of the equation and enhance your decision-making process (especially in pre-college phase) to choose from
hundreds of possible courses and careers.

Let’s understand (and be Educated about) fields, routines, professions, positions, titles… About possibilities.

Let’s put you right in the action, potentially saving you 2, 3, 4 years or even 10 years — not to mention saving you a lot of money.

Visitei adds up to our Vision.

Where any space can operates within a Colearning Philosophy acting as a structured Formal, non-formal, informal and incidental Learning Space. To create more and better opportunities, experiences, and choices for you.

Visit Company - Coletividad Visitei Nubank Lobby


Some of the participants: Nubank, Vivo, Oracle, HP, MJV, TOTVS, Luiza Labs, QuintoAndar, FJORD, Wirecard, Nexo Jornal, GetNinjas,, Movile, FLAGCX, Tátil Design, Brasil Arquitetura, FGMF, INSITUM, Questtonó, ps.2 architetura + design, IdeaFixa, Estúdio Colletivo, Verte, Casa Rex, FutureBrand, R/GA, among others.



All visits are extremely (extremely!) disputed.

Please be patient, we are working some ways to increase their occurrence and frequency with Companies.

If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, come with open your mind, try your best to overcome shyness to enjoy the opportunity as much as you can.

Bring your questions, your notes, and question everything you want! Interact with other visitors and make connections, this is your journey.

Visit Company - Coletividad Visitei Fjord Accenture

For Companies

People want to work in places where they can be mentored and respected.
Where information is transparent and where there are purpose and diversity.

Regardless of the size and number of employees, it is also an opportunity. To discover and approach new and future talents in a raw, more relaxed, and transparent way.

To create a good relationship with people, to listen to opinions, criticisms, and praise from people.
And to reciprocate through learning, mentoring, and much more.
To create communities, to communicate your purpose, the company’s culture, and vision – beyond your advertisements and social media campaigns.
This is our path to the Future of Education.
Visit Company - Coletividad Visitei FLAGCX