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Visitei was created to reduce the gap between Schools and the Market taking Design students to visit Companies and Studios.

+2000 students set foot on +50 companies like Nubank, Movile, TOTVS, Quinto Andar, Oracle, FutureBrand, and many more, having a unique first-hand experience of the challenges, tips, processes, routines of Professionals, Teams, Leaders, and Companies in Design, Technology and Innovation areas.

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What now?

Since Covid-19, the remote work culture (which is awesome), there has been a need to expand our mission beyond to in-person visits.


That’s why we’re going digital and adding virtual visits, blog posts, content, cases, interviews in what we do. The objective remains the same:

Reduce the gap between Schools and the Market, show the behind the scenes of Startups, Companies to provide a unique first-hand experience of the day-to-day, the culture, the challenges, and routines of Professionals, Teams, Leaders and Companies in Design, Technology, and Innovation areas Worldwide.

To reduce the Information Asymmetry. To allow for better choices. To show possibilities.

*In-person visits will continue but in a very limited and restricted fashion.

Companies & Photos

Nubank 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Movile 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Futurebrand 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
QuintoAndar 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
TOTVS 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Interbrand 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
| Visit Company | Coletividad
oracle logo 1 1024x1024 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
RGA 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Questtono 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Tatil Design 2019 Logo
MJV 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Fjord Logo
Luiza Labs 200x200 1 | Visit Company | Coletividad
Logo FGMF | Visit Company | Coletividad

Nubank, Vivo, Oracle, HP, MJV, TOTVS, Luiza Labs, Box 1824, QuintoAndar, FJORD, Nexo Jornal, GetNinjas,, Movile, FLAGCX, Tátil Design, Brasil Arquitetura, FGMF, INSITUM, Questtonó, ps.2 architetura + design, IdeaFixa, Estúdio Colletivo, Verte, Casa Rex, FutureBrand, R/GA, among others.

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Let's stop romanticizing

Let’s stop romanticizing professions and remove the guessing. We can do better them that.


Yeah, some professions are really really cool and allow the creation of a lot of incredible stuff that is molding the very fabric of our reality — from Social Networks to AI, to Space Travel, CRISPR, photographing a supermassive Black Hole, and many others.


That’s why we need to Accelerate Human Knowledge and enhance our decision-making process and our ability to choose and do that — cheaper, faster, and better.


From the articles we read to hundreds of possible courses and careers we can choose, to the Companies we work with and help achieve great things.


Just imagine if “you knew before” — how and what really could have been done.


Let’s create that. A space of exchange and participation, a common understanding through transparency and dialogue.


If I send you one email a year it will still be a lot!


That’s why we do this

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