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Write with Us

We are looking for unique content.

Content that really helps people make better decisions. To allow them to discover easier, cheaper, and faster.

Detailed content that allows readers to sneak peek behind the curtains of companies’ challenges, the Market, the roles, and the routine of amazing Design, Technology, and Business Teams, and Leaders Worldwide.

Content that guides and exposes “the things that you didn’t know that you didn’t know” about Schools, Teachers, Events, Courses, and Colleges.

To promote a common understanding and take the Community forward.

There are 3 major ways to write with us: “Write a Review“, “Write an Article“, and “Write in our Medium“.

1. Write a Review

Review Listings! A Company Listing example:

You can also Review Schools, Colleges, Courses, Events, Workshops, Teachers, so on and so forth…

The “Reviews” tab at this moment can be found on any page (Schools, Colleges, Courses, Events, Workshops, Teachers, so on and so forth…) as the image below suggests.

You can write it in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian.

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Review main structure

How you should focus your Review? We suggest that you focus on the:
  • What: what is about? What are the details? What is the purpose of it, or the value and/or the possible improvement?
  • Where: where the place? Where it is located? 
  • When: when occurs? What are the triggers and deadlines? The relationship with certain objectives and goals.
  • Why: why this is important or valuable? Why it is worth it.
  • Who: who is responsible for it? Who’s is involved? Who benefits from it?
  • How: how it works? How is the process in which is involved in? What steps, activities, and relevant variables can affect it?
  • How much: quantity and cost, that is, how much expenses are generated? How much investment is necessary as well how much is the ROI? How many processes did it affect?

They must be:

  • A first-hand experience. Do not write ‘he says, she says’. Reviews can and will be fact-checked, edited, or deleted if they fail to reach or objectives, or these guidelines.
  • Searchable. The point of it is to help others who may have the same question in the future. Use proper grammar, making sure you spell words completely and correctly in a way that they make sense to people reading them.
  • Descriptive. A person would like to know details and how applicable it is to their question.
  • Interesting. Provide examples, quote relevant material to keep the user from having to click on every link given to get basic information. Provide more information and further reading.
  • Unique. Don’t duplicate reviews or comments or post stating that you have the same opinion or problem.
  • Clear, precise, and correct. Make it descriptive, telling in as few words as much as possible well enough so that readers get what it’s about. If there’s a question, ask for clarification in a clear answerable way.
  • Constructive. Suggest corrections or leaving a critique that guides the improvement of it.
  • Enriching. Provide relevant additional context to it like related cases, material, resources, or a question.
  • Followed up. Monitor your review and comment so that you can reply with an explanation if questions come around or there’s a need to include more information as it comes along.

They are not for:

  • Suggesting corrections that don’t fundamentally change the meaning of the post.
  • Answering a shallow question or providing an alternate proposition to it (e.g. “You should create X course”, “When you guys will you come to New York?”)
  • Compliments or criticisms which do not add any new information to the post (e.g. “+1 great answer”, “-1 this is bad”, etc.).
  • Secondary back-and-forth discussion or inconclusive debate.
  • Discussion of behavior or site policy.
  • Blatant self-promoting or external resource linking (your blog, company site, affiliated products, etc).

Comments can be deleted without warning by their authors, by moderators, and in response to flags.

Posting links to your website is ok. But if a huge percentage of your posts include a mention of your product or website, you’re probably here for the wrong reasons.

Post good, relevant answers, and if they happen to be about your product or website, so be it. However, you must disclose your affiliation in your answers.

Tips if you are gonna do it:

  • Include detail information to let the reader decide if clicking the external link is worthwhile.
  • Previously (as stated above) identify the author of it or state ownership of the product/service that is being recommended.
  • Provide value from the answer without reading the linked item.
  • Make a occasional thing.
  • Beware if it’s a for-profit intent that makes money promoting.

"I loved it", "Good this"; "Bad that"; "Great answer"; "Thank you"; "Very good!"

These kinds of os posts will be deleted.

Comment saying things like that isn’t what comments and reviews are for. Remember, we are looking for substance! To greatly expand access and promote high value, to reduce Information Asymmetries, to promotes a common understanding, to create and to use a valuable Collaborative  Intelligence.

You have a few options of being nice, to everyone, not just the person who answered your question by bringing value (as described in the “They must be” section above).

  • Ask helpful questions or make detailed reviews.
  • Post great answers.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Flag content that doesn’t belong.
  • Suggests content to be listed.
  • etc…

Who may edit a question or answer?

The original author of a question or answer may edit their post.

Moderators and Admins enforcing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Can i curse, swear, or be vulgar?


None of it is acceptable behavior and is a direct violation of our Terms of Use.

Leave them out! You should not use curse words anywhere, under any circumstances. If you can’t effectively communicate without it then keep it to yourself.

Any language that becomes a source of disruption is subject to removal. If you continue to use it you will be banned.

Who can post reviews and comments?

All users and visitors can comment or review contents.

2. Write an Article

We are looking for

You can write to our Blog in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian.

Topics of interest:

  • UX
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Data Science
  • Product Design
  • Web Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Design Thinking
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Design
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Schools
  • Teachers
  • Events
  • Companies
  • Courses
  • Colleges
  • Articles
  • Podcasts

Preferably about already listed contents on the site.


  • Very good How-to’s;
  • Detailed and comprehensive lists;
  • Case Studies;
  • Reviews;
  • Research;
  • TL;DR/TL;DW/TL;DL (read, watch, listen);
  • Analysis;
  • Infographics;
  • Reports;
  • etc
Example: A ‘TL;DR of a Technology Book’; A ‘Infographic of a Design Video’; etc

How we are gonna use it

Same as the Reviews, soon all those articles and posts will be Featured to a respective and existing list. That will bring much more detailed and useful data to everybody.
We can also eventually use it in some profile parts (e.g. “Summay”, “Description”, or even “Gallery”, etc.) to to reflect a genuine impression and experience about the contents and add more value.
You can help with that.

How to send us

You can send us a pitch, with 1 or 2 lines exposing your idea, and excerpt or already as a Draft of your Review through:

  • Social Media (links below);

Or also through our Facebook Group

Or as a:
  • A private Medium draft;
  • Google docs link or similar;
*Yeah…it’s not simple. We will build a better submission system soon!

3. Write in our Medium

With a more relax and broad approach you can also write with us at ours Medium Publication.

  • Still writing about Design, Technology, Business and Innovation
  • You can write in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian
  • We are at:
  • Send us a Medium Draft
  • If you want to submit your texts already written on Medium to our Publication, just send a message through our media with your Medium @

If it fits the Publication we will publish and promote through our channels.