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Mouse Study Identifies a Brand New Type of Neuron Involved in Important Memories

Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash Highlights TORO it's an ...

Children Who Attend Schools With More Traffic Noise Show Slower Cognitive Development

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash Summary Children who attend school close to busy roads ...

How Personality and Communication Patterns Affect Online ad-hoc Teams Under Pressure

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash The Task To study participant ...

Network analysis to identify patterns of use in the public space: A gender perspective

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash Gender issues in Urban Design In the last ...
Computer Vision

Computer Vision for Assistive Technologies

Machine Vision for Assistive Technologies The last decade has witnessed the ...

What is quantum mechanics trying to tell us?

Credit: Lucid Pixel / Adobe Stock The weirdness begs for an interpretation. Key ...

Surfaces Beyond Imagination Are Discovered After Decades-Long Search

One way to describe both surfaces and graphs is to ask how long it would take for ...
Future of Work

The New Frontier of Prosthetics? Tech for Independent Living

For many, “prosthetics” means wheelchairs and hearing aids. Adults with cognitive ...

Mastering Innovation’s Toughest Trade-Offs

Dan Page/ Leaders must answer eight key questions to address the hidden ...

Deep Analysis in UX Research: Ethnography as an Approach Not Method

Despite the evangelizing efforts of industry thought leaders, the qualitative research ...

With Money From Facebook, 10 Colleges Turn Their Campuses into ‘Metaversities’

Is education moving to a “tri-brid” model that flows between in-person, online and ...

Biological Roots for the Pathological Social Withdrawal Known as ‘Hikikomori’

Figure 1. An overview of our research. Summary: Hikikomori is a mental health ...

Newly Discovered Brain Cell Sheds Light on the Formation of Memories

Summary: Researchers discovered novel neurons in the hippocampus that become active when ...

Mysteries Are to Be Embraced, But Also to Be Solved

Fran_kie / Shutterstock Science doesn’t rob the world of wonder. It amplifies it. ...

Machine Learning in Evapotranspiration Data & Thermal Infrared and Microwave Satellite Observations

Land surface evapotranspiration (ET) is one of the main energy sources for atmospheric ...
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